Stop state funding cuts

Stop state funding cuts

Martins Ferry Times-Leader: The state has drastically cut Local Government Funding in Ohio. It has created hardships throughout the state, especially here in eastern Ohio. Local communities and govern ment entities have come to rely on LGF monies.

Unfortunately, the situation may worsen. That is because the Ohio Department of Taxation has notified county auditors that their estimated revenues for calendar year 2014 have probably changed.

State Rep. Jack Cera, D-Bellaire, said many counties will suffer another blow to their respective LGF allocations due to additional cuts.

Taxation officials note the change in the estimated figure is due to the impact tax law changes will have in the state budget bill.

We view additional LGF cutbacks as outrageous. Especially when the state has a rainy day fund of $2 billion. ... LGF money is utilized for all types of services. Libraries, especially, take a hard hit when LGF monies are cut. They may be looking at even more hardships.

LGF monies are precious; they should be preserved.

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