Wake up, electorate; don’t tolerate so many incompetent leaders

Wake up, electorate; don’t tolerate so many incompetent leaders

Let us discuss the problems facing America and their duration unsolved:

The War On Poverty: 1966.

The environment: the Environmental Protection Agency set up in 1971.

The Military-Industrial Complex: It was warned about by President Eisenhower in 1960, has kept us in constant wars since 1945.

The balance-of-trade going against us.

The chronic inflation of our currency: over 99.87 percent of the dollar’s value gone since 1794. When did we last see 4 percent unemployment?

Those politicians, living and dead, who let these and other problems fester were elected and re-elected. The root cause of our seemingly intractable problems is an electorate willing to accept malfeasance in office.

I’d like to inject the financial term disintermediation into the political discussion. When there are more criminals than police can handle, a handgun can improve one’s personal safety. This is going around the middle man (the police) and provides for our own security.

When you rely on the government to provide for your retirement via Social Security, you retire with a cut in pay, you have no cash reserve for emergencies or for discretionary purchases like a new fishing boat, and all your survivors get is a $250 lump-sum death payment and even more reduced income.

Had Americans put $2,000 a year into an IRA since 1969, when the Young Americans for Freedom said Social Security should be made voluntary, they would have had over $750,000 in the bank by 2007. This would have provided retirement with a large increase in pay, money in reserve for whatever they wanted to buy, and a larger income or inheritance for the bereaved.

We are not getting solutions from the Republicans or the Democrats. We don’t need distractions like the name-calling we get from both sides. We need the cognoscenti to step up and convince voters of a better way. I just did. Who’s next?

Dan List, Struthers

Beware of chicken from China

I recently read that the U.S. Department of Agriculture quietly was ending a ban on processed chicken imports from China. Additionally, these products can now be sold in the U.S. without a country-of-origin label.

In China this year, as reported, thousands of dead pigs turned up in the waters of Shanghai, rat meat was passed off as mutton, and there was an outbreak of bird flu among live fowl in fresh meat markets.

For years, we’ve talked about the woes of Chinese imports from the standards of quality control. I call on our lawmakers to keep these faux nuggets out of my dipping sauces.

Erick Sanchez, Youngstown

Hypocrisy pervades liberalism

Liberal philosophy dictates that even the flea has rights under the constitution. Where does all of this end? Is the flea harmed by coal-fired power plant emissions? If so, how? Do fleas have lungs? Do fleas have a right to a smoke-free environment? How do we protect the amoeba?

These liberals are the same ones that don’t give a hoot about a baby in a womb. They have made a womb a very dangerous place for a human to reside. I hope that the people can see all of the hypocrisy in this liberal movement, but, I am not optimistic.

We have become a nation of “sheeple;” no longer are we free and independent thinkers. God help us.

Thomas Watts, Girard

Don’t trust Syria or Russia

One definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Sounds like so many presidents and now President Obama and/or Congress. Getting involved militarily in Syria, in any form, will be another failure.

Do the president and Congress never learn? Have they forgotten the outcome of the Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and others? It costs the U.S. thousands of lives and billions of dollars and ends up exchanging one tyrant for another.

Forget the peace talks and so-called diplomacy. That’s been a waste of time for years and years. Can we really trust Syria to hand over its chemical weapons? Can we trust Russia to store and destroy them? It’s time to face reality. Let the people in those countries keep fighting each other. They’re pretty good at it; they’ve been doing it for hundreds of years.

Terry Gallagher, Youngstown