Fellows features Friday fun


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Missy Billock and Dominic attended Family Garden Fridays on Aug. 30 at Fellows Riverside Gardens.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Children attending Family Garden Fridays Aug. 30 played an eye spy game, finding items from the garden.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Fellows Riverside Gardens will host Family Garden Fridays through Oct. 4



Families of all different sizes learned about praying mantises and sunflowers during Family Garden Fridays Aug. 30 at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

Lori Mowad, educator at Fellows Riverside Gardens, explained the purpose of Family Garden Fridays.

“It’s an open Friday to educate children on what grows in the garden, healthy eating and healthy living,” said Mowad.

Missy Billock attends the program weekly. She said her favorite part is the bugs.

“I’m not a bug person, but [Lori] has us on the ground looking for bugs, like rolley pollies,” said Billock. “It’s fun getting out of your comfort zone.”

During the program, Mowad read “Amelia Bedelia’s First Apple Pie,” by Herman Parish and “Cardinal and Sunflower” by James Preller. Children participated in an “eye spy” game, finding different garden items including white pumpkins, yellow flowers, weeds, stones, an herb and red flowers.

During craft time, children took apart a sunflower and looked at the petals and seeds. They then saved the seeds and used them to fill the bird feeder they assembled.

Family Garden Fridays will run through Oct. 4.

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