L'uva Bella Winery reopens


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Ruth Sergi, owner, is shown at L'uva Bella Winery, located at 6597 Center Road.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .L'uva Bella cheifs, Leslie Dull and Jeff Canzonetta, stood in their new kitchen space.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman.L'uva Bella Winery underwent construction, expanding the kitchen to better serve the customers.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .L'uva Bella Winery added over 10,000 square feet to its wine and juice bottling operation.



A local favorite, L’uva Bella, reopened Sept. 12 after undergoing some reconstruction.

The restaurant and winery expanded the kitchen to help with the frequent dinner rush.

“We want to better serve our customers,” said Ruth Sergi, owner. “The kitchen expansion will enable us to do that.”

Ruth and her husband Frank began selling just juice and grapes out of Gia Russo. They opened the Lowellville location at 6597 Center Road in September of 2006, and in January of 2007 they received their wine license.

Along with the kitchen expansion, L’uva Bella added a more than 10,000 square feet addition to its wine and juice bottling operation.

Ruth said L’uva’s wine is starting to catch on fire.

“People love our wines and we were unable to keep up,” said Ruth. “We were running out of our top three wines.”

For more information, visit http://www.luvabella.com/index.shtml.

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