Architect offers his opinion on new fire station for Boardman

Architect offers his opinion on new fire station for Boardman

I have read the second arti- cle on the new Boardman fire station; the first dealt with the costs of various solutions. I am obliged to comment.

As an architect and having worked with a local builder/developer for over 30 years I feel qualified to comment. I have directed these same thoughts to various members of the Boardman board of trustees and others in the recent past.

That being if the cost and location are wise and good, then why the delay? My recommendation was to acquire the vacant auto dealership east of the existing fire house on Route 224 and upgrade it to suit. It can be done very easily and be one of the most cost effective options.

My earlier recommendation was met with “the fire chief doesn’t want to be blocked by a train crossing 224.” This is not accurate, as for over 30 years of use on Route 224, I have yet to be blocked. In addition, better communication between the train and fire house could somehow further prevent that.

Last comment with regards to the letter related to the death of the steel industry in the area and the reoccurrence of same with different jobs. The letter writer is right on the money and I concur, as would my deceased father, a union member, but not by choice. He rose to be chief tool and die maker for the design engineers at White Motors without a high school education, but with a drive to succeed.

That supports my contention that there are youth who would rather work with their hands than go to college with borrowed money succumbing to societal pressure that college is it. That’s not necessarily so.

Daniel Victor Bienko, Canfield