Is Syria latest example of US staging rebellion?

Is Syria latest example of US staging rebellion?

A humanitarian crisis is in full swing in Syria. As a proud Arab-American, this is absolutely gut-wrenching to witness. And I feel compelled to share some things with you.

When the crisis in Syria first started, I reached out to many Syrian friends. They all told me the same thing: We don’t know who these “rebels” are. They told me that there weren’t any Syrians rebelling against the government, only radical Muslims from parts of Eastern Africa and the former Soviet Union.

So I picked up a history book and learned the United States has a great track record of staging rebellions against governments we don’t see eye-to-eye with. I was shocked to read about the CIA staging rebellions in the Philippines in 1948; Iran in 1952; Guatemala in 1954; Iraq in 1963; Indonesia in 1965; Chile in 1973; Panama in 1989 and so on.

Then I came across a video of a speech given by Retired U.S. Gen. Wesley Clark. He said he was accidentally handed a highly classified memo from the Department of Defense that contained plans to collapse the governments of seven Middle Eastern countries including: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon and Syria.

Then I decided it was time to write this letter.

Hanna Kassis, Girard