Art features in library story time


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Hannah Gardner used a paintbrush to make her drawing outside of the Boardman library Aug. 21.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Boardman librarian Karen Saunders told a story while drawing on a chalkboard. When finished, she had a picture of a clown.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Ava Semenovich is shown working on her chalk drawing at Boardman library's story time Aug. 21.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Julianna Brubaker used one of her favorite colors, pink, for her drawing at Boardman library Aug. 21.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Sydney Gozur liked using a lot of water for her chalk art at story time at Boardman library Aug. 21.


Art was the theme for family story time at the Boardman library Aug. 21. The program included finger plays, books and an outdoor activity.

Librarian Karen Saunders gave each child a paint brush. They used them as props during a finger play, “Paint Brush.” She also read “A Piece of Chalk,” by Jennifer A. Ericcson and told a story while drawing on a chalkboard. When she was done, she invited the children to guess what it was.

Someone shouted “leprechaun!” Saunders said she liked that idea, but it was really a clown.

“This is why Miss Saunders is a librarian, not an artist,” she told the children. “You need to use your imagination when Miss Saunders draws.”

The children got a chance to try drawing with chalk, too. But they didn’t use a chalkboard – they used the sidewalk.

They used large pieces of chalk to draw pictures and Saunders showed them how to darken the colors by adding water. Some used their paintbrushes to “paint” with the watered chalk.

Ava Semenovich of Boardman worked hard on her chalk picture.

“I’m working on a zebra,” Semenovich said.

Julianna Brubaker of Canfield said she was having fun. She used pink chalk because pink is one of her favorite colors.

Following the chalk activity, participants were given freeze pops. Semenovich chose an orange freeze pop, while Brubaker ate a green treat.

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