US can’t be world’s police force

US can’t be world’s police force

With all that has taken place in the Middle East and now with Syria it may well be time to get out of the region altogether. We have been engaged in wars that we had no business getting into. The American people did not benefit anything from them except to lose a lot of good sons and daughters; the only benefactor of this was big oil.

The people of the Middle East have fought among themselves for 3,000 years. Are we so arrogant as to think we can change this? And after we leave, it will revert back to the norm.

The United States can no longer be the world’s police force or its welfare bank. The rebels we support today will be the terrorists that we fight tomorrow. It is time that the government started taking care of this country’s greatest asset, and that is the American people.

Jim Eidel, Beaver Township

What precisely would strike on Syria accomplish for US?

The United States wants to launch an air strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad. To what end? Will it prove that Assad is gassing his own people? Will it stop the killing in Syria? Can this air strike stop the civil war that is being waged in Syria? To what end?

U.S. President Harry Truman put the U.S. in the forefront of the Korean conflict to show the world that the United Nations was a viable organization for world peace and a place that could help resolve problems around the world.

We will not be dictated to by the United Nations, but we should stand ready to help where needed. An air strike does not resolve anything, except to “prove” our intelligence is “correct” This would be small comfort to those who are fighting in Syria.

Let the United Nations sort this out. Who are the leaders of this “revolution?’’ Is there a government in exile? What do they actually want? That Assad gassed his people does not solve the underlying problem.

To what end?

Leonard J. Sainato, Warren