Strawberry German Fest fun at Vista Center


Neighbors | Submittede .Audrey Dugan and her son Mike Keller enjoyed some strawberry cheesecake during the event July 30.


Neighbors | Submitted.Together Lucy Antonini and Toni Henderson passed out more than 35 bears and Strawberry Shortcake dolls to the children who attended the Strawberry German Fest July 30.


Neighbors | Submitted .Staff and residents participated in the event by dressing up. Shown are, from left, (front) Luna and Dan Hendricks, LaNivea Miami Brown, Jeff McCormick, Kia Buggs, Lindsay Burke, Cloe Willrich, Maureen McCarty activity director; (back) Randy Coleman, Diana Sippl and Peter Karsti.


Neighbors | Submitted.Andrea DeBarr, Vista of Boardman RN and daughter Noelle enjoyed the Strawberry German Fest July 30.

More than 75 residents, family members, volunteers and staff of Vista Center of Boardman attended the second annual Strawberry German Festival on July 30.

The Vista of Boardman festival was a fun-filled event with outstanding participation from residents, families, staff and volunteers. Highlights of the festivities included entertainer Peter Karsti and Friends - an authentic German band-trio, strawberry shortcake for all, a toy Chinese raffle for children, along with Strawberry Shortcake dolls and teddy bear giveaways to all the children in attendance. Lindsay Burke, Luna Hendricks and LaNivia Miami Brown won the center’s Strawberry Shortcake look-alike contest and were awarded Toys‘R Us gift cards for their creative costumes.

“Special events like our Strawberry German Fest play an important part in Vista Center’s overall therapeutic approach,” reports Vista Center activity director Maureen McCarty. “Enjoyment plays a big part in health and healing, and there is nothing like an event with a twist of cultural identity, good food, children, being outdoors, and a celebration with family and friends this type of event brings participation to an ultimate high.”

“Vista Center of Boardman is a community of people who enjoy everyday life. When residents, families and volunteers take the lead and help an event successfully run it is a great experience of fun for all,” said Matt Parkes Vista of Boardman Administrator.

Special thanks went to rehabbing resident Jeff McCormick, who surprised and entertained the crowd by dressing up as Strawberry Shortcake.

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