Marriage licenses

David D. Herron, 57, of 15915 Danbury Drive, Salem, and Carol M. Nesnidol, 53, of same.

James G. Johns, 45, of 136 E. Ravenwood Ave., Youngstown, and Johanna L. York, 54, of same.

Vincent J. DeLuco, 33, of 6611 Glendale Ave., Boardman, and Lindsey R. Schall, 26, of same.

Stanley J. Potkay Jr., 33, of 626 Leadville Ave., Youngstown, and Kelly J. Richendollar, 34, of same.

David K. Sess, 49, of 4054 St. Andrews Court, Unit 6, Canfield, and Carla M. Mico, 42, of 4054 St. Andrews Court, Unit 5, Canfield.

Gary S. Clinkscale, 59, of 500 Tod Lane, Youngstown, and Charlotte A. Martin, 57, of same.

Kevin L. Snyder, 35, of 225 Dupont St., Youngstown, and Nickole M. Jones, 29, of 224 Dupont St., Youngstown.

John R. Ranieri Jr., 33, of 810 Southwestern Run, Unit 10, Poland, and Melissa L. Huffman, 23, of 83 Circleview Court, New Middletown.

Peter J. Verostko, 33, of 4099 Baymar Drive, Youngstown, and Kelly J. Eddy, 31, of 1100 Boardman-Canfield Road, Unit 44B, Boardman.

Michael A. Porn, 45, of 4848 Grover Drive, Boardman, and Laura A. Koran, 45, of same.

David N. Moliterno, 23, of 6311 Gibson Road, Canfield, and Rebecca R. Fleenor, 21, of 249 Carriage Lane, Unit 101, Canfield.

Edward R. Allen Jr., 30, of 4077 Columbia Road, Medina, and Cassandra L. Dragus, 24, of 67 Hill Drive, Poland.

Troy McGinnis, 25, of 1324 Oak St., Youngstown, and Marie L. Martinez Velez, 24, of same.

Jeffrey P. Ingram II, 27, of 516 W. Omar St., Struthers, and Roseanne Cappitte, 31, of same.

Terrence P. Cahill Jr., 28, of 30 Winchester Ave., Youngstown, and Holly L. Lesko, 27, of 2798 Brunswick Road, Youngstown.

Divorces asked

Eileen C. Burns v. Leslie J. Burns.

Reuben Sampson v. LaTiah A. Lilley.

Christine M. Barger v. Jeremy Barger.

Dissolutions asked

William R. Nock and Michelle G. Nock.

New complaints

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Evelyn J. Malysa et al, foreclosure.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Residential Funding Corp. et al, foreclosure.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Solomon Clark et al, foreclosure.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Elizabeth Morgan et al, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Darin J. Straub et al, foreclosure.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Jomar Malave Nieves et al, foreclosure.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. David Williams et al, foreclosure.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association v. Monica Gonzalez et al, foreclosure.

PHH Mortgage Corporation v. Diane R. Vukovich et al, foreclosure.

Household Realty Corporation v. Albert Torres III et al, foreclosure.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association et al v. David M. Seem et al, foreclosure.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania v. Ashley Fowler et al, foreclosure.

Shirley Luckhart v. PNC Bank National et al, money.

Cathy M. Butler et al v. Mary L. Dowdy, money.

Jonathan H. Coffey v. Cozetta D. Mihalko et al, money.

Capital One Bank NA et al v. Frances L. Widowfield et al, money.

Brilex Industries Inc. v. Columbus Steel Castings Company et al, money.

The Western and Southern Life Assurance Co. v. Caroline E. Tirone et al, money.

The Estate of Margaret Sandusky et al v. The Estate of Joseph Zentko et al, money.

Theresa Reeher et al v. John K. Scott, money.

Lorraine Clark v. Mark King et al, money.

Sharon Crish v. Bureau of Workers’ Compensation et al, workers’ compensation.

Victor Mercado v. Michael Pugh et al, money.

Kathleen Guesman v. Steve Buehrer et al, workers’ compensation.

Alvin Sims Sr. v. Steve Buehrer et al, workers’ compensation.

Jamie L. Tucker et al v. Chaz M. Sandie et al, other torts.

John Finn et al v. Emily G. Shipley, other torts.

Rachael E. Thomas v. Alexander Dechurch et al, other torts.

Nicole Tieche v. Kyle Mesnard et al, other torts.


State v. Brent Herman, sentenced to one year in prison served concurrently to two other cases.

State v. Thor A. Satterthwaite, sentenced to one year of community control through APA.

State v. Lachelle Robinson, pleads guilty.

State v. Tyler A. Hill, sentenced to four years in prison, to pay restitution and license suspended for two years.

State v. Eric McFarland, sentenced to five years community control through APA.

State v. Marcus Stokes, sentenced to five years community control through APA.

Countrywide Home Loans Inc. et al v. Richard J. Sikora et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Capital One Bank NA v. Tiffany A. Vega, order of payment.

Suntrust Mortgage Inc. v. James Haynes et al, order of magistrate.

Roy L. Crick et al v. David Starr, order of magistrate.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Lisa Denmeade et al, order of magistrate.

William DiRenzo v. Carol L. Fye et al, dismissed.

William Basista et al v. Lawrence Ferrante et al, dismissed.

Anthony Bucci v. Summer Garden Food Manufacturing et al, order of magistrate.

US Bank NA v. Gregory Eddy et al, order of magistrate.

Kenneth Aguilar Jr. et al v. Agata Khoury, order of magistrate.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Robertson Sandusky Properties, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Michael V. Hughes et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

Abbey N. Zarnick v. Jaqueline E. Maracz et al, settled and dismissed.

State of Ohio ex rel Mike DeWine v. ENDC & Company LLC et al, order of magistrate.

Givens Construction LLC v. Reginella Construction Co. Ltd. et al, order of magistrate.

John W. Taylor v. Ronald H. Hugus Jr. et al, order of magistrate.

First Place Bank v. Kimberly A. Lewis et al, judgment entered.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Lawrence C. Memmer Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Austin C. Rowe v. Anthony Pesa et al, dismissed.

Bank of America NA v. Kristen I. Anderson et al, dismissed.

Thunderbolt Holdings Ltd. LLC v. Clement A. Gbur, judgment entered.

Alex Bugno et al v. City of Youngstown et al, order of magistrate.

Art Manufacturing Inc. v. Bugno Development Group LLC et al, decision of magistrate.

Kevin A. Light v. Sandra Johngrass, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Fannie Mae to Kevin C. Hein et al, Genessee Drive, Youngstown, $79,400.

Norman B. Letterly Jr. et al to Rita J. Perrico, Cranbrook Drive, Youngstown, $52,500.

Kristie Rogers to Ernest Ellis et al, Whipple Ave., Campbell, $55,800.

Nancy M. Wilkerson to Richard S. Graham et al, W. Radio Road, Austintown, $90,000.

William Burns to Eric E. Metzger, Helena Drive, Struthers, $47,350.

Dennis M. Matricardi et al to Dennis T. Mikkelsen et al, Parkway Drive, Poland, $59,000.

R.G. Farr et al to George Brown, Aylesboro Ave., Youngstown, $33,000.

Linda S. Smeltzer to Mitchell Rekdahl, Miller Ave., Youngstown, $9,800.

Kathleen M. McMahon et al to John M. Braham, Como St., Struthers, $89,000.

John T. Murphy et al to Jillian M. DeSalvo et al, Appleridge Drive, Youngstown, $114,000.

Condor Jr. LLC to FHM Realty LLC, Boardman Poland Road, Boardman, $872,500.


Bankruptcies Chapter 7

David E. Johnson, 215 N. Roanoke Ave., Austintown.

Shirley Surano, 3715 Alamo Place, Youngstown.

Thomas E. Nieman, 636 W. Tennessee Ave., Sebring.

Johnny R. Herbert, 4672 Kinsman St., Newton Falls.

Irene M. Metcalf, 1797 Island Drive, Youngstown.

Darlene Fitzgerald, 1186 N. Meridian Road, Youngstown.

Marguerite M. Allision, P.O. Box 5367, Youngstown.

Antoinette M. Hunter, 1072 Eastway Drive Unit 1, Youngstown.

Marie Y. Crues, 465 W. Como St., Struthers.

Theresa L. Copanic, 1100 Boardman Canfield Road Unit 75C, Youngstown.

Michael L. McMurray Sr., 5627 Tulane Ave., Austintown.

Carla B. Lockett, 4151 Logan Gate Road Unit 243, Youngstown.

Chiquita M. Brown, 12205 Goshen Road Lot 229, Salem.

Patty Herman, 221 S. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown.

William H. Finney III, 629 Dumont Ave., Campbell.

Ruby I. Rich, 227 Wilson St., Struthers.

Brian M. Niznik, 227 Wilson St., Struthers.

Jaqueline E. Horvath, 4521 Devonshire Drive, Youngstown.

Stephanie N. Pappas, 2018 Cordova Ave., Youngstown.

Timothy R. Grubb, 476 W. Pennslyvania Ave., Sebring.


Marcia A. Ruse, 4247 Canfield Road., Canfield.

Richard S. Summers, 7826 Huntington Circle, Youngstown.

Thomas and Peggy Bailey, 501 Stoney Brook Lane, Canfield.

Michelle Rice, 10298 Main St., New Middletown.

Michael K. Saltsman Sr., 4520 Washington Square Drive, Austintown.

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