Marriage licenses

Victor A. Franceschelli, 34, of 5014 Glenwood Ave., Unit 3, Boardman, and Shannon R. Galgan, 28, of same.

William G. Taylor, 29, of 150 Kreps Road, North Lima, and Julie A. Hoefert, 28, of 10086 Market St., North Lima.

James R. Bott, 35, of 187 Nila Drive, North Lima, and Elizabeth S. Ulbricht, 26, of same.

Christos N. Triantafillou, 28, of 4827 Milligan Road, Lowellville, and Randi A. Rotz, 27, of same.

Dennis G. Danko, Jr. 49, of 16 N. Whitney Ave., Youngstown, and Dana L. Messersmith, 38, of 120 Northgate Drive NE, Warren.

Robert C. Roessler, 22, of 593 Blossom Ave., Campbell, and Amber L.R. Siddens, 21, of 17512 Olive Ave., Lake Milton.

Joshua A. Merrick, 33, of 2152 S. Raccoon Road, Unit 40, Austintown, and Cassandra L. Jones, 41, of same.

Joshua J. Oxley, 31, of 6807 Glendale Ave., Boardman, and Nicole R. Gallo, 26, of same.

Chad J. Miller, 29, of 7546 Clovermeade Ave., Poland, and Christina M. Leonard, 26, of 319 Humphrey St., Unit A2, New Haven, Conn.

Chad M. DeAngelo, 25, of 4414 Woodridge Drive, Austintown, and Alyssa R. Larkin, 24, of same.

Gary P. Conti, 50, of 2022 Thalia Ave., Youngstown, and Marci L. Shaffer, 50, of 4462 Cloverland Ave. NW, Warren.

Jesse C. Stamm, 23, of 8915 New Road, North Jackson, and Jaemi L. Adams, 21, of 11170 Mahoning Avenue, North Jackson.

Ian L. Spellman, 29, of 6182 Michaelkenney Lane, Dublin, Ohio, and Jessica A. Svasta, 29, of 32 Winona Ave., Canfield.

Divorces asked

Gheorghe Calin v. Elena Ciuhulescu Calin.

Megan L. Gonzalez v. Shaun M. Gonzalez.

Mary Lou Swagler v. Keith Swagler.

Ronald A. Johnson v. April V. Johnson

Dissolutions asked

Amy M. Bundy and Patrick S. Bundy.

Glenn E. Cochran and Michelle S. Scott.

Maurice Hines Jr. and Tanya T. Brown.

Joel W. McKendry and Margaret M. Mallis.

Keith R. Rosser Jr. and Betty E. Rosser.

Ambuer N. Morrison and Michael Morrison.

Regine M. Ramsey and Brett N. Ramsey.

New complaints

William R. Slanina v. City of Youngstown et al, workers’ compensation.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Ronald Eiselstein et al, foreclosure.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Neil R. Kennedy et al, foreclosure.

Daniel R. Yemma v. Jasvant Kaur et al, foreclosure.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Mary J. Stewart et al, foreclosure.

Marco Stevens v. Elaine Klacik et al, other torts.

Deloris Aytch v. Loretta Presswood et al, other torts.

Midland Funding LLC v. Lisa Satterfield, money.

The Home Savings and Loan Co. of Youngstown v. Anthony F. Pasquale, money.

Canfield Motor Sports Inc. v. Motorists Mutual Insurance Co., money.


State v. Patrick Delmark, sentenced to four years in prison.

State v. Henry E. Owensby, forfeited.

State v. Ruben J. Sanchez Jr., pleads guilty.

State v. Darius Holcomb, sentenced to 18 months in prison on count one and one year on count two, served concurrently, and driving privileges suspended for two years.

State v. Genny Dempsey, pleads guilty.

State v. Timothy L. Arroyo, pleads guilty.

State v. Franklin A. Broadhurst, pleads guilty.

State v. Clifton Hudson, sentenced to two years’ community control through APA and driving privileges suspended for six months.

State v. George D. Weidner Jr., sentenced to two years’ community control through APA.

State v. Timothy N. Harvey Jr., pleads guilty.

State v. Greg Latronica, pleads guilty.

Bank of New York v. Thomas W. Augustine et al, order of sale withdrawn.

Huntington National Bank v. Rodney S. Woolf, order of magistrate.

Demar Realty Inc. v. Christina McElroy et al, order of magistrate.

PNC Bank et al v. David J. Thistlewaite et al, confirmation of sale, ordering deed and distribution.

HSBC Bank USA v. Rahmanh Shaw et al, order of sale withdrawn.

CitiMortgage Inc. v. Robert Harris, order of distribution.

Rena Koutsounadis v. Mary Fawcett et al, order of magistrate.

Dominic A. Miletta et al v. Jacob M. Gallagher, order of magistrate.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Emmitt L. Nevels et al, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Ralph N. Farmer et al, foreclosure.

Southwest Fuels Inc. v. Joe Yochman et al, order of magistrate.

Quadrant Residential Capital v. Josephine Chapman et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Frank Z. Guillard et al, foreclosure.

Birdina Jones v. Dominic Dilallo, order of magistrate.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Nicholas M. Mastoris, order of magistrate.

Buffy Sammons et al v. Patsy J. Higgins et al, order of magistrate.

Christina Campbell et al v. David J. Toto et al, order of magistrate.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Donald P. Henchar et al, foreclosure.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc. v. James W. Leach, order of magistrate.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Edward Navarro et al, foreclosure.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. v. James C. Lewis et al, foreclosure.

Barbara Churlik et al v. Keilan Clinkscale, order of magistrate.

Wells Fargo Bank NA v. Alicia A. Stoner et al, order of magistrate.

Mahoning County Treasurer v. Albert Pasquale et al, order of magistrate.

American Tax Funding LLC v. Robert W. Baghurst et al, order of magistrate.

Ourania G. Theophanous et al v. Vincent L. Campana et al, order of magistrate.

Kim Mitchell v. Sonji Mitchell- Jackson, dismissed.

Kim Mitchell v. Richard A. Jackson, dismissed.

Jennifer Cupan v. Tiffany Smith, dismissed.

Melissa Mitchell v. Jose Rivera, order of magistrate.

Real estate

Harold Ross Padgett et al to Muhannad Kassawat, Spitler Road, Poland, $95,000.

Jason A. Kelly et al to Todd A. Linebaugh et al, Winslow Drive, Mineral Ridge, $93,500.

Treva P. Louive to Karen C. Shearer, Norman Avenue, Alliance, $28,000.

June Downing to Neal J. Kopp, Wilcox Road, Austintown, $130,000.

Midwest Home Rentals LLC to Daniel A. Cabrera, Humbolt Ave., Youngstown, $80,000.

Debra Roman et al to Lucynda N. Baker, N. Main St., Poland, $51,700.

John Mastionarde to Carmelo Morales, Memorial Circle, Campbell, $37,000.

Michael A. Busico et al to Raynor J. Holmes Jr. et al, Calvary Court, Austintown, $30,000.

Jeffrey T. Adams et al to Elizabeth J. Cibulas, Fieldstone, Poland, $184,500.

Leola R. Martin to Gregory N. Warren, Redondo Road, Youngstown, $68,000.

Mary Huff to Francisco Rodriguez Carter Jr., Euclid Avenue, Youngstown, $2,000.

Douglas D. Farkas et al to James Ferraro et al, Winter Ridge Court, Austintown, $183,500.

Joseph Hood et al to Brandon Gaines et al, John White Road, Hubbard, $130,000.

Monte P. Duncan et al to Raymond E. Gordon et al, Noel Drive, Youngstown, $72,000.

Betty Taylor to Jeremy M. Ladd et al, Lisbon Road, Canfield, $25,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to William J. Grenger, Pasadena Avenue, Youngstown, $800.

R-Borr Holdings Ltd. to Carl Liscic, Mahoning Avenue, Youngstown, $68,000.

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