The Canfield Fair offers many entertaining events, and among them has to be the pygmy-goat costume contest, which is sure to be in the running for one of the fair’s most-outrageous sights.

Imagine a flock of miniature goats taking a stroll from the 4-H barns to the sheep barns across the length of the fair dressed in full, goat-sized costumes.

Before the contest, a group of children and their parents at the 4-H barn are busy dressing their goats.

Nicole Fryfogle of Canfield tries her hardest to dress her goat as a cave woman while she orders her son to “hold the goat so I can put her skirt on!”

“That is really something I never thought I’d say!” Fryfogle added.

Nine-year-old Hayden Hendricks from Canfield participated in the contest for the first time this year. With the help of his parents, Dana Hendricks and Colt Koellner, Hayden came up with the idea to dress as Mario, the character from the popular video game, and make a costume for his 3-month-old pygmy goat, Delaney, so she looked like Mario’s pal Luigi.

Delaney the goat wore an infant-sized green sweat shirt and overalls complete with a hat around her ears and a fake mustache.

Fairgoers pointed and squealed with laughter when the two marched the long walk to the sheep barn to be judged.

Hayden and Delaney went on to win first place in the contest, and Hayden was awarded a fleece blanket.

Events similar to the pygmy-goat costume contest are in progress throughout the fair. Needless to say, a tiny goat with a fake mustache will be a hard act to beat.

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