Goodwill event was politicized

Goodwill event was politicized

Our recent Neighborhood Harvest festival on the South Side was a tremendous success. Over 700 people attended the event that helped to build community and goodwill among the neighbors living around St Dominic’s Church.

The event had no agenda other than building up of the community. I want to clarify that although public figures attended, supported and volunteered at the event, they did so with the understanding that no political candidate or position would be advanced.

However, without the knowledge or permission of those who organized the event, a volunteer from the Youngstown Community Bill of Rights took it upon herself to distribute anti-fracking information. This action was not in keeping with the purpose and spirit of the day, and quite frankly was disappointing.

Father Greg Maturi, Youngstown

The writer is pastor of St. Dominic Church in Youngstown.

‘O Say can You See’ what the no-brainers are doing in D.C.?

I can’t stop wondering what has happened to our country, once considered to be the richest in the world.

If I were a veteran or one of the other people who did not receive their checks promised them by our government, I would be tempted to send our Washington representatives a letter stating “O Say Can You See, what my government is doing to me.”

When President Harry Truman said, “the buck stops here,” his words were right on the money. I personally believe that the years that government did not curb its spending and the continued waste today contribute to our problems.

I was born in 1930 and when my mother talked about the way people survived the Great Depression, it was without thrills, frills.

Anyone lucky enough to earn a dollar bill thanked God for their good fortune. Waste was unheard of.

A man I overheard in a supermarket parking lot saying, “What Washington needs is more people with united mind and less nitpicking no-brainers” is someone I couldn’t agree with more.

I believe if there are fewer government perks, fewer fancy dinners, less playing Santa Claus, less spending and waste in our country, then the greatest in the world will be right on the money.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown