Teachers, parents must work together to prevent child abuse

Teachers, parents must work together to prevent child abuse

As a future early-child- hood educator, I am worried about the well-being of our students. Child-abuse prevention should be discussed in schools, but it is not quite at the level it needs to be. Although most people think that there is nothing anybody can do about this problem at home, there are several ways teachers and administrators can get involved and prevent it.

Child abuse is more common than most people know. I have been in schools that do not take appropriate actions when it comes to child abuse, more commonly neglect than physical abuse.

If teachers and parents communicate effectively and appropriately, it is less likely that the children of those parents will be abused. This is only one easy way that teachers can help the students’ well-being and their academic performance.

Teachers may suggest that all families join community programs or get involved in other ways to help build their relationships. Teachers usually have families of their own, so they understand when it comes to all of the pressures involved with raising children.

As a future teacher of your children or grandchildren, I ask you to get involved with any child-abuse prevention programs you can. Make it understood to all of the community that children need to be respected and taken care of to become functioning members of our society.

I ask you to do what you can to stop this horrible act.

Colleen Hurdley, Youngstown