America Makes makes sense

Ever since its establishment in downtown Youngstown last year, the $70 million National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute has shined as a beacon of pride for the Mahoning Valley.

But news this month that NAMII is rebranding and changing its name to America Makes will make that pride shine even more brightly and clearly for the whole world to see.

We commend leaders of America Makes for the name change. To be honest, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute didn’t roll off the tongue with the greatest of ease. It was a tongue-twisting mess of a mouthful to pronounce and to write. Though it succeeded in emphasizing the formal and high-tech angles of the institute’s mission, it left many scratching their heads wondering what this NAMII contraption was all about anyway.

Global leader

The new name removes any such perplexities. America Makes is about just that — making America the global leader in 21st century manufacturing.

The name change does nothing to alter the noble mission of the institute. America Makes remains a consortium of more than 70 private companies, universities and nonprofit organizations dedicated to researching, developing and implementing additive manufacturing — a process that uses plastic, metals and resins to build a product layer by layer using 3-D software.

It also rightly reinforces Youngstown’s legacy of manufacturing leadership and its rebound as a global leader in innovative cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

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