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Traffic lights to be removed on South Ave., Midlothian

Published: 10/20/13 @ 06:05


The city plans to remove four traffic lights and upgrade 10 others along South Avenue and Midlothian Boulevard to improve traffic flow.

Work on the $1.9 million project will be done next year.

The traffic-signal removals and replacements may result in temporary short-term disruption of traffic and pedestrian movement during construction, city officials said.


Posted by Pyroc (anonymous) on October 20, 2013 at 5:54 p.m.

The lights at Midlothian and Rush Blvd. and Midlothian and Erie Street were replaced about 8 years ago. Before they were replaced the timing of the lights was "Perfect". Traffic flow kept moving and you spent a minimal amount of time waiting for the light, especially if you were making a left turn onto Rush or Erie. After the lights were replaced cars are constantly backed-up waiting to make left-hand turns. I wish the so called "Traffic Engineers" would have taken a closer look at the traffic flow before they go and change things. I'm guessing that these lights are the ones that are going to be "Removed". I will bet that the instances of traffic accidents will increase at these 2 intersections.