US must strive to improve shamelessly low literacy rate

US must strive to improve shamelessly low literacy rate

Teaching children literacy is such an important issue; it is essential and urgent to teach children to read and write competently, enabling them to achieve today’s high standards of literacy.

Literacy is important because everyone uses it. If you do not know how to read, you cannot even do things as simple as going to the correct restroom, reading a menu at a restaurant or reading the newspaper.

Many children hate to read; they do not do it for fun, and they have trouble in school because of this. We need to find a way to get our children to start reading and writing proficiently at a young age so that this carries on into their adult lives.

A lot of evidence supports my claim that our literacy rates are not as good as they should be. In fact, the New York Times reported recently that the United States is ranked below average in literacy proficiency. That means we are not doing a good enough job of teaching our children how to read at a young age.

There are some very real, easy things you can do to promote literacy. One thing is reading aloud to children. Reading with young children is one of the best ways to help them learn how to read and understand how to read. Parents should take their children to the public library. Not only is it a great resource for our communities, it is completely free.

This problem needs to be solved collectively among parents, teachers and even communities. So what can we do to help solve this problem? One thing we can do is help our children learn to read and write at a young age. We need to be more proactive and make sure they are experiencing reading all the time.

Maria Granchie, Boardman