Senior center hosts Drums Alive


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Eleanor Ziobert participated in a Drums Alive exercise class at the Austintown Senior Center Oct. 8.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Debbie Caggiano led a Drums Alive class at the Austintown Senior Center Oct. 8. The classes help with memory skills as well as offering a great work out for seniors.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.A Drums Alive exercise class was offered at the Austintown Senior Center Oct. 8.


The women exercising at the Austintown Senior Center looked like they were trying to play music, rather than get fit. They were taking part in a Drums Alive exercise class at the senior center, led by the owner of The Classroom Aerobics and Training studio, a business located inside the center.

The class involves using drumsticks to hit balls, similar to drumming.

“Drums Alive is an amazing workout,” said Debbie Caggiano. “For [seniors], it’s great for memory, it’s great for gross motor skills, and it’s great for coordination.”

The program is based on pattern skills, Caggiano explained. They start with one movement and repeat it, then add another one.

“We look for four, five, six, seven different patterns throughout the entire workout,” she said.

It’s also low-impact, includes coordination skills, and can be done from seated position.

“It’s definitely a great work-out for joints, from head to toe,” Caggiano said.

The drumming is done to tribal music from around the world.

“It’s become a super popular class,” Caggiano said.

Eleanor Ziobert of Austintown attends regularly.

“It’s very good exercise,” she said. “Even though it’s on drums, you’re playing drums on big balls, you’re using all parts of your body.”

She said she gets a lot out of the class. It gives her energy, she said.

The Drums Alive class is offered twice a month. Several other exercise classes are offered free-of-charge, as well.

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