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GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

Published: Thu, October 17, 2013 @ 12:00 a.m.

GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

Republicans have created the most serious condition that a nation can face: Failure of its elected politicians to face the vital responsibility of their participation in the governance of its people.

Pouting and refusing to do the people’s business because of racial hatred and ideological demagoguery diminish the beliefs of that party and is a slap in the face to the people.

There would be no America if George Washington had decided not to cross the Delaware, if Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress decided to shut down and not write the Constitution, if a rag-tag bunch of citizens had decided not to fight for freedom because it was winter.

The ineptness and incompetence of the Republican Party are not substantiated by its excuses. Republicans’ abject failure to face the responsibilities of governing the entire populations of our 50 states far out weighs the political ideology of selected districts of individual states.

America must always be about America — not 545 individual interests to incur individual favors from special interest groups or campaign contributors.

America must be served as delineated by Alexander Dumas: “All for one! One for all!”

Childish behavior by politicians must not be tolerated. Support of such actions by political pundits and their media are rather unsavory and reflect poorly on the image of America.

It’s easy, Mitch (McConnell) and John (Boehner): let Obamacare alone, open government back up, and let’s get on with the governance of America.

These guys remind me of the women mourners crying, sobbing, and screaming in those old classic movies in Europe: Much ado about nothing.

John Zordich, Youngstown


1eagleye(59 comments)posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

As usual...more delusional rantings from the Zordich lunatic left wingers. Here's the facts: The GOP house sent to the Senate FOUR bills which would have funded the ENTIRE U.S. government. Harry Reid, and the Blamer-in-Chief decreed that they would not accept them. The catch: The bills defunded Obamacare. Ok, that approach may not have won the day, but it's perfectly within the Constitutional duties of the House to choose what to fund, and what NOT to fund. Reid and the Obamunist chose NOT to negotiate, contrary to THEIR Consitutional duties. So, Zordich claims that the GOP was not facing up to their duties of governance. Yea right. As if The Obamunist and the Dumbassocrat lead Senate are doing theirs? Adding $8 TRILLION to the debt over the last 5 years is responsible? You need to get your head checked. If my memory serves me right, and it does, since you can see video on YouTube of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in 2008 and 2009 crying and whining, AND NOT VOTING to raise the debt limit when the debt was $7 TRILLION LESS THAN IT IS TODAY. So, whose the irresponsible ones? Better look in the mirror and stop taking the daily DNC enemas, John. The Dems. just demanded that the government add MORE spending and taxes. The only adults in the room are the GOP trying to contain the run away gravey train. Get a grip, since you really don't have facts and don't know what you're talking about...most of the time.

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2uptowngirl(111 comments)posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Boehner, Cruz, Rand Paul and the others are doing exactly what the people who voted for them asked them to do. They did not follow the party line. Civil is over and the Republicans know they will only win elections by following the demands of the voters. If the government closes again, so be it.

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3SansArmes(17 comments)posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago


What does "Civil is over" mean?
Do you mean civility?

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4palmer16121(116 comments)posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago

There's a saying that you're entitled to your own Opinion, but not your own facts. The facts are, yes, a budget was created by a house and a senate. However. Boehner was asked 18 times to form a conference committee to hash out differences 18 time. Don't forget about the Republican minority who can filibuster in the Senate. Also...the shutdown, cost American Business $24 billion dollars in that two weeks. Also...NOBODY asked these guys to go there and obstruct. They're there for EVERYBODY in their districts regardless of dogma. So...for those who want another shut-down...you best be prepared to reap the consequences of a worldwide global disaster that will make 2008 seem like child's play. So...it is up to Boehner to get the extremists in line, and for Ted Cruz to actually remember he represent all of the people of Texas.

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5eagleye(59 comments)posted 11 months, 1 week ago

Wrong. They are doing what their constituents voted them to do, and what the founding fathers expected, which is divided government and powers. Especially when there's vast differences in opinions. Another WRONG number you mention is the fake $24 billion that "cost" the economy. That's been proven to be WRONG, since the majority of that money was for the payroll of government workers who GOT BACK PAY, AND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS...SO THEY DOUBLE DIPPED. So, what' with that? Let's get it straight. This incompetent administration put this fake number out there knowing it was wrong, and to again pull the wool over the eyes fo their brain dead followers.

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