GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

Republicans have created the most serious condition that a nation can face: Failure of its elected politicians to face the vital responsibility of their participation in the governance of its people.

Pouting and refusing to do the people’s business because of racial hatred and ideological demagoguery diminish the beliefs of that party and is a slap in the face to the people.

There would be no America if George Washington had decided not to cross the Delaware, if Thomas Jefferson and the Continental Congress decided to shut down and not write the Constitution, if a rag-tag bunch of citizens had decided not to fight for freedom because it was winter.

The ineptness and incompetence of the Republican Party are not substantiated by its excuses. Republicans’ abject failure to face the responsibilities of governing the entire populations of our 50 states far out weighs the political ideology of selected districts of individual states.

America must always be about America — not 545 individual interests to incur individual favors from special interest groups or campaign contributors.

America must be served as delineated by Alexander Dumas: “All for one! One for all!”

Childish behavior by politicians must not be tolerated. Support of such actions by political pundits and their media are rather unsavory and reflect poorly on the image of America.

It’s easy, Mitch (McConnell) and John (Boehner): let Obamacare alone, open government back up, and let’s get on with the governance of America.

These guys remind me of the women mourners crying, sobbing, and screaming in those old classic movies in Europe: Much ado about nothing.

John Zordich, Youngstown