Vindy Talk Radio hits a birthday

It was change day Friday at Vindy Talk Radio.

Out went one desk, and in went another. It was hardly a Ty Pennington extreme makeover. But it is the start of a new life for our still-new radio effort that will have its first birthday in the next couple of weeks.

At age 1, we’re ready to start figuring it out a little more.

It was kind of convenient that this week’s guest was Turning Technologies CEO Mike Broderick.

The success of the Valley in recent years has been noted in many, many ways.

Any speech, conversation or article that occurs with the theme of Valley success seemingly can’t get 2 minutes old without the mention of Broderick’s company. Turning has been used as the talking point for a new Valley for almost 10 years now. And while Vallourec, energy, Chevy Cruze and additive manufacturing now join the Valley success talking points, Turning’s place is emblematic and well-earned.

And to hear Mike talk about their start — three guys sitting at his kitchen table sketching out the plans for it in the ashes of 9/11 — is a great Valley story to be retold.

If you did not get a chance to hear Mike yet, please visit when you can to view video excerpts from his visit, or listen to his full one-hour conversation.

I think “conversation” is a great word for what we’ve created with Vindy Talk Radio.

Knowing all the media options that exist within the Valley, both in traditional media and in various social and nonprofit ventures, I think what we’re able to extend to you with Vindy Talk Radio is one of the richest forms of community dialogue a local medium can afford.

We bring it to you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon with the help of radio friend Louie Free. Various Vindy and community folks pop in daily. But we really amp up the Vindy end of the effort on Thursday mornings. Our technology makes it convenient to access Vindy Talk Radio — live or later — from your laptop, from your smartphone or from your tablet.

Vindy Talk Radio got its start as an election-night trial last year.

From that modest start, we are almost 12 months into it with countless faces having visited:

Mike Broderick, Judges Robert Milich and Scott Krichbaum (twice), golf greats Jonah Karzmer and Dennis Miller, YSU’ers from ex-President Cynthia Anderson to current President Randy Dunn, to professors Adam Earnheardt and Nicole Mullins and, of course, coach Eric Wolford; we’ve had music with JD Eicher, Demos Papadimas and St. Patty’s Day legends County Mayo; food from our pals at O’Charleys; police bosses, fire bosses, Poland bosses, health leaders, dog lovers and more.

WFMJ morning folks Mike Case and Lauren Lindvig joined us, as did the Rev. Lewis Macklin on Father’s Day.

And, of course, Dave Betras.

(I had to put Betras in his own paragraph because that’s what you do for guys who wear suits like he does.)

Various Vindy folks have rolled through the studio as well, bringing their knowledge to the format.

When football kicked off in August, the sports guys jumped into the radio studio and have had some outstanding weekly guests on their Tuesday shows (5 p.m.). This week, Canfield High’s Kimu Kim rolled right from his record-setting nine touchdowns into the Vindy radio studios to talk about all the hoopla around his amazing output.

It’s tough to say which of the sessions stands out. I like every week in some way, but to pick some to go back to:

Rev. Macklin and Wolford were extremely personal in talking about Father’s Day.

Judge Krichbaum outlined the essentials of the court system that our interactive boss, Marty Finsley, says should be watched by law schools for years to come.

I love golf, and I can never get enough of Dennis Miller sharing stories about his 2012 U.S. Open week. I’ve heard the stories for 16 months now, and there are still new tales to hear. listeners (sounds weird to say that) tuned in the most on these episodes:

May 16 when Dunn, YSU’s new president, joined us on the phone, and also Covelli Centre’s Eric Ryan joined us in studio.

July 25 when John Burgan and Alicia Kosec were talking Valley real estate.

Sept. 26 when we talked about legendary Smoky Hollow dog Wolfy.

The video views that grow out of the radio show give a different glimpse of the audience.

A discussion about coach Jim Tressel becoming YSU president had the most views.

That was followed by Lindvig talking about her husband’s marriage proposal. Kinda weird, huh?

So we’re turning 1 with Vindy Talk Radio, and we’re starting to figure it out a little more each week. Find it on, and join us when we’re on the air for some great Valley conversation.

Todd Franko is editor of The Vindicator. He likes emails about stories and our newspaper. Email him at He blogs, too, on Tweet him, too, at @tfranko.

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