Stop the insanity in Congress

Newark (Ohio) Advocate: We’re amazed even 10 percent of Americans approve of Congress.

We’ve lost any shred of remaining confidence in recent weeks as Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner refuses to allow a straight-up federal budget vote.

Republicans lost the presidential election not even a year ago. Although we understand and even give credibility to their concerns about Obamacare, they can’t muster enough political power to reverse history no matter how hard tea party members push.

There was a time when opposition parties fought the good fight and, when they lost, moved on to the next issue in the best interests of our country. Today’s Republican Party behaves like a football team that’s still mad about a blown call in a game four years ago and refuses to play another game until history is changed.

We can only hope Republicans aren’t stupid enough to use the same tactics when it comes to extending the nation’s debt ceiling before Oct. 17 to ensure the government can pay its bills and meet all financial obligations. The consequences likely would be far more severe than keeping taxpayers out of parks and federal workers off the job.

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