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Canfield Local Schools needs your support.

Although the Ohio State Constitution defines education as the “paramount duty” of the state, school districts increasingly rely on local funding sources. About 25 percent of total statewide school funding comes from local taxes, primarily property taxes through maintenance and operation levies. A levy loss, which would make up over 10 percent of a district’s revenue, can be devastating to a school district.

The Nov. 5 current expense levy is a request by our school district of voters for operational costs that help fund essential education programs and activities such as computers, tutoring programs, school libraries, textbooks, teachers, educational aides, all-day kindergarten, food service, special education, transportation and co-curricular activities.

Each time a school district asks its voters to consider a levy, they are being asked to decide the future of education in the community. The election is not about buildings, supplies and teachers; it is about investing in our children.

Levies allow parents, grandparents, teachers, business owners and residents to help shape the future of the place they live, and most importantly of the children that the community serves. Let us support them the best way we can, with good education in safe facilities that will allow them to focus on their personal growth as contributing citizens who will someday take care of all of us as we age.

As voters, become involved in your schools. Visit the schools and come to events. Connect to the most vital part of your Canfield community and you will see remarkably positive things happening here.

If you have questions or concerns, speak up. Especially in recent years, the voices of voters have been clear as you have discussed with your schools accountability and the expenses of our schools and ways to economize, as we continue to lose federal and state funding. Your voices will be heard.

Examples of how the Canfield BOE and staff have showed fiscal responsibility include staff reductions, such as the 46.5 total staff reductions over three years have created more than $2,000,000 in savings; supplemental (extra curricular) pay-to-participate systems have been implemented, creating reduced expenditures totaling more than $150,000; certified and classified unions have agreed to wage freezes, along with increased payment for healthcare benefits for the 2012-2014 fiscal years, allowing for a total savings of more than $2,000,000.

Please vote wholeheartedly in support of your Canfield Local Schools Current Expense Levy.


Alex G. Geordan,


Canfield Local Schools

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