Northside nurses merit support in their fight

Northside nurses merit support in their fight

2Yes, “business as usual” — which really means they could care less what the nurses’ concerns are. “Business as usual” means the bottom line, and certainly not what’s best for the patient.

As a nurse of 20 years myself I know that little saying quite well. I left the profession in 1994. It was bad then, and I shudder to think how bad it’s gotten even since then. I commend any nurse who can still tolerate daily upbraiding from administration, and of course, the ever omniscient “MDieties”.

If anyone really wants to know what’s horribly wrong with health care, they should inquire of a nurse. Of course, it would be better to find a retired nurse because a practicing nurse will be shown the door for his/her reliable observations, and, for a little more force to the kick, blackballed as well.

The good nurses at Northside have my 100 percent support.

Christina Foltz, Youngstown

Suppliers punish area with higher gas prices

Travel west on Route 224 to Atwater, Louisville, and Hartville, and you would have found regular unleaded gasoline for $3.25 on Sept. 18.

This leads to the question as to why gas on the same day in Canfield and many parts of the Mahoning Valley was at $3.45 per gallon.

The attorney general would not consider this price gouging, but I would consider this “price fixing.” It seems obvious that the local gasoline suppliers have gotten together and made the decision to fix the price, and everyone else follows.

God forbid a retailer sell his product for 20 cents less. It would be panic in the streets and probably lines at their pumps. Greed overshadows the idea that this 20 cents per gallon might go to the local economy and local business.

For all of us who have chosen to work and live in this depressed local economy (compared with the rest of the nation), we say “Thank You” to the local suppliers for giving us one more reason to stay in “the Valley.”

Mark Eddy, Canfield