Cops called to deal with mayoral candidate Crea again

By joe gorman


Two days after his disruptive behavior caused a church service to end early, a warrant was issued for the arrest of a mayoral candidate after he failed to show up for a court-ordered psychological evaluation.

John M. Crea, 46, also faces new charges after neighbors accused him of threatening them.

Tuesday afternoon, after Crea failed to show up for his evaluation, a warrant was issued for his arrest, said municipal Judge Robert Milich. Crea also will face charges for an incident Monday morning, the judge said.

Police called to an apartment complex in the 800 block of East Midlothian Boulevard about 10:30 a.m. Monday said witnesses told them Crea threatened to kill a person and also said to that person, “I will gut you like a fish” — as well as walking toward them aggressively with his dog.

Crea recently served time in the Mahoning County jail for threatening a security officer at Youngstown City Hall with his dog. He is running as an independent candidate for mayor in November’s election.

Three people told police Monday they were in the parking lot of their apartment building when they saw Crea, who was screaming at them with such vehemence they could not make out what he was trying to say, reports said.

Crea screamed in one man’s face, and when the man told him not to do it again, Crea walked toward him in a threatening manner with his dog, reports said. He then went into his apartment and left with a suitcase. Police were called, but Crea was gone by the time they got there, reports said.

The order for Tuesday’s evaluation and treatment came from Judge Milich after Crea was convicted of aggravated menacing and disorderly conduct Sept. 19 for the incident outside city hall. He was accused Aug. 30 of threatening the guard with his dog after he was told he was blocking an entrance. Part of his sentence was an order to stay away from city hall except if he had business there.

For the original case, Judge Milich also sentenced him to time served in the jail, which was 21 days, and fines and court costs. One of the reasons he was in the jail so long was because he could not post his $7,000 bond. Crea also slapped a corrections officer when he was being booked into the jail, according to jail officials.

On Sunday, the Rev. Lewis Macklin II ended his service at Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church on Parkcliff Avenue early after Crea slapped the walls and his head and bit his own fingers. He also made some unusual statements, according to witnesses.

Judge Milich said he can order Crea to undergo an evaluation but he cannot order him held in a mental-health facility to undergo it, although he said if Crea is in the jail, they will have the evaluation administered.

Judge Milich said it is not in his power to commit someone to a mental-health facility to be treated. He said police can have someone “pink slipped,” or taken to a place such as the St. Elizabeth Health Center psychiatric ward. He said the reason police have that ability is they often are dealing with an emergency situation in which someone may need a short-term evaluation or treatment.

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