Those who hold office must take their oath very seriously

Those who hold office must take their oath very seriously

The dictionary defines an oath as a solemn appeal to God to witness one’s determination to speak the truth or keep a promise.

As an elected official, I took an oath to uphold and follow the tenets of my office. This is a promise I made to follow those rules and regulations.

I can honestly say I have done just that and will continue to do so. All one can give is their word when a pledge or oath is taken. It is something not to be entered into lightly. Whether the oath is to a sorority, a fraternity, club, or political party group, the oath is a solemn promise to be governed by the tenets of that organization. Membership in a group often requires an oath.

Those of us who have served entrusted with the promise given in an oath need to keep it — no matter what. Integrity is something that cannot be bartered, traded, or compromised in any manner. The oath of office is one of the highest pledges one can make.

We need to adhere to the solemn pledges we make with no deviation — regardless of time, circumstance, race, or personal enmity or gain.

Delores T. Womack, Youngstown

Use ballot box to change Obamacare

For as long as I can remember most elected officials have used the moistened-finger decision making method. Now it seems that when it comes to this unconstitutional disaster known as “Obamacare,” many of them have chosen to sail against the hurricane force winds of public opinion.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi have decided to use the negotiating method I remember from grade school: Name calling.

I have much better weapons today, and they are more effective and also available to everyone. The most important one is the ballot box.

If every voter held their candidate responsible for his choice on this debate, I believe we could find solutions to improve without destroying the best health care system in the world.

Robert J. Husted, New Springfield