Loew: Scoring change good for boxing

By Greg Gulas

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Award-winning trainer Jack Loew has seen many changes to the fight game over the years. Some good, some bad.

Speaking to the Curbstone Coaches during their weekly Monday meeting at Luciano’s Restaurant, he said returning to the old 10-9 scoring system — while scrapping the point clickers — was a welcome change.

“They went to point clickers about seven or eight years ago and to me that was a big mistake,” Loew said. “It’s a great move for American fighters because this is the more exact way to score a fight.”

At last year’s national Golden Gloves Tournament, Loew’s fighter, Alejandro ‘Popo’ Salinas, was matched against Jeremy Abram, winning the first and third rounds. But according to the judges’ clicker points, he lost to Abrams, who amassed enough points in the second round to warrant the win.

“We train boxers in the area with the hopes they will turn pro after their amateur days. The clicker system can cost a fighter his career,” Loew said. “Prior to the change we were dominant in the Olympics, but have struggled of late to win even a bronze medal. This ruling is a big turnaround for amateur boxing.”

Loew started training boxers in 1987 and currently has 36 amateur and six professionals at his South Side Boxing Gym.

“When I judge a fighter, there are two qualifications that he must meet in order for me to even consider training him,” he said. “He must have a chin — first to take a punch and secondly to deliver one. Also, outside activities cannot interfere with their training and what they do in the ring.”

Loew has trained two champions in Kelly Pavlik (WBO/WBC middleweight champ) and Kenny Sigurani (WBF welterweight champion). Former NABF junior middleweight champion Willie Nelson (21-1-1, 12 KOs) has gone 5-0 since hiring Loew as his primary trainer nearly two years ago.

“After undergoing elbow surgery later this month, Willie [Nelson] will be on the shelf for the next 8-10 weeks while Popo [Salinas], with just a handful of amateur fights remaining, will make his professional debut in the spring,” Loew said. “It’s an exciting time for everyone at the SSBC.”

Tom Miller, local international boxing judge from Mineral Ridge, said Loew has garnered the respect of the boxing world.

“I have been around the world and met with many trainers,” Miller said. “Jack is definitely in the class of elite trainers. He is professional when his fighter wins or loses and that is something you just don’t find in the boxing ranks.”

Former Senator Harry Meshel, who was responsible for forming the Ohio Athletic Commission, said that while times have changed, Loew has never compromised has beliefs or training regimen.

“Jack has done a wonderful job at bringing fighters along, not just the great fighters but those starting out with varying backgrounds,” Meshel said. “Training and bringing along fighters today is much more difficult than in the past. Their environment is so varied, yet he has been a master at working with those from many different walks of life and backgrounds.”

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