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John Dellick accused in another incident

Published: Fri, November 8, 2013 @ 12:08 a.m.

Staff report


The son of a juvenile court judge was accused in another assault in July involving his girlfriend at the time, but she and her family opted not to press charges.

John Dellick, 19, is the son of Judge Theresa Dellick, who oversees the Martin P. Joyce Juvenile Justice Center in Youngstown.

The Vindicator requested any reports involving John Dellick from the Canfield Police Department weeks before the release of the July report to the newspaper Thursday.

John Dellick most recently was arrested Wednesday by Youngstown State University police for purportedly making threats toward a woman. He remains in Mahoning County jail until his arraignment today on an aggravated-menacing charge in Youngs-town Municipal Court.

Dellick had been out on bond from Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield on aggravated-assault charges. That charge stems from a purported Oct. 18 road-rage incident.

In the July episode, Dellick was accused of assaulting the girlfriend, who filed a report naming Dellick with Canfield police. The incident with the girl, who was 17 at the time, occurred in the parking lot of Hilltop Plaza in Canfield on July 25.

A witness observed Dellick yell obscenities at the girl and then throw her head-first into a parked car next to his in the parking lot, according to a Canfield police report.

The girl told police she was dating Dellick for about two years, and that day, she decided to go boating with friends. Some of the friends were male, so Dellick became agitated and made threats that he wanted to cause harm toward her and her family.

The two agreed to meet at the Belleria Pizza in the plaza. According to the report, when she arrived, Dellick picked her up, carried her to his Jeep, threw her inside and would not let her leave.

While in the Jeep, Dellick pushed her into the center console, choked her and then pulled her out of the vehicle and threw her head-first into the side of her friend’s car, the report continues.

The victim’s friend also told police she saw Dellick force the victim to stay in the car, until another witness saw the incident.

After the altercation, Dellick attempted to use the Jeep to cut off the girlfriend and her friend on Talsman Drive.

The girl was asked by police if she wished to press charges, but told police at the time she would think about it. The girl’s mother and father told police they did not want to press charges at that time.

Canfield Police also advised the girl and her parents to contact the department if they wished to pursue charges in the future.

On Oct. 18, Dellick was arrested on charges of aggravated assault after he purportedly struck the rear end of another vehicle with his Jeep in Canfield Township. He also made racial comments toward the couple in the other car, according to the Mahoning County Sheriff’s Department.

His mother sent out a statement after that incident supporting her son’s innocence.


1allany2525(144 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

OK... so this troubled young man has not only threatened, but beat up on older people, now a young woman, and had how many instances of unstable behaviour towards others?!?!?!?

If he wants to be a bully and beat up on girls, older folks, etc maybe he needs a good, solid A°° KICKING to show him how it feels to be on the RECEIVING and of things, for a change?

In the mean time, he needs to be locked hip in a psychiatric facility until someone can help him get his head together...before he picks on the wrong person and gets his head caved in by someone who is able to defend themselves from his attacks.

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2Rooster(80 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Well, one thing is for sure, this kid sure has been lucky with the number of folks declining to press charges on him. I guess it must be a lot of trouble to go through with going down to the the police and the paperwork and all. Not to mention getting this yahoo even more worked up at you. Might be on this ADHD medicine all these years, what we used to call "speed" when we worked double shifts and the speed freaks would start getting jumpy after just a few days on that stuff, fraction of the dose these kids have worked up to after getting it for years. Took away these boys school recess and chores, called them attention deficit and put them on speed.

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3southsidedave(5189 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

He has certainly attained his "15 minutes of fame"

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4kensgirl(1056 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

With all the people he has hurt why has no one pressed charges? Is his parents pockets that deep? These people are enablers too. If that kid attacked me no amount of money could buy me off. This kid is a runaway train and needs to be stopped!

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5republicanRick(1716 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Angelo Gomez stood up for principle and admonished a kid for littering our roadway.

Every other victim has been too afraid to confront this kid and his family and to do the right thing - file a police report.

Our community needs more people like Mr. Gomez who show courage and work to make this a better community.

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6TERRAPINST(320 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

GDOG... Resign????? How many jobs you quit because your family behaved poorly I bet none. All the allegatiopns you suggest get into the Charlie Sheen conspiracy levels-you have NNNOOOOO IDEA if its true. Vindy surely there must be someone at the paper who says"we cant just reprint the same story every day that would make us lame".

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7kensgirl(1056 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

I think Dave Betras is being a gentleman in not saying anything. I'm not his biggest fan but I think he is taking the high road on this. I don't care about Judge Dellick's reputation, I care about the safety of the community. I know she must be broken hearted but she has to put safety first, even her childs. It's very hard being a parent these days, so many bad influences coming in from every direction. Our kids are swamped with bad role models. I urge Judge Dellick to not bail her son out anymore. At least the community is safer with him behind bars. I pray for a good outcome.

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8DwightK(1535 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

The sad thing is that this isn't the same story everyday. It's new allegations everyday. How long has this guy been bullying people?

Thank goodness the latest victims called the police and pressed charges.

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9ccragster(1 comment)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

I guess they are waiting for this ahole to kill someone before anyone take action

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10kzrazy900(4 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

seems he's causing a lot of problems in canfield. Lets see how long he'd survive pulling that crap in Youngstown! Don't think he'd be around very long. I always thought canfield didn't put up with that kind of bull!! Guess I was wrong. Think I'm gonna run somebody off the road and slap some innocent girl around in a public parking lot. Wonder what that will get me? 2 to 5 I'd bet

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11auntiem4cabs(115 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

I feel bad for the family having to read everyones opinions about their son, their parenting and their life. Its got to hurt like heck to read peoples opinions.

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12republicanRick(1716 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Dellick slaps women around and his mom defends him?

She does not seem fit to be a judge and should step down.

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13MLC75(660 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

@auntiem,WHO CARES,the kid is a menace to society and he needs jail time.Go back to oz where you came from.

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14vinglass(295 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

As it has been previously stated ,Theresa Dellick wouldn't have that position if Betras would run a candidate against her. Of course, he can't do that since she gave a $63,000 a year job to his brother-in-law!!

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15republicanRick(1716 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Theresa Dellick is well known around Canfield for her "better than you" personality and her number one concern is everyone knowing she is a judge and has power. She made phones calls in the past to protect her son. Canfield people also say her personality is not far removed from her son, she is aggressive and power hungry. Her husband just cowers in the background.
The kid was kicked off at least 2 sports teams because of his anger, personality, and uncoachable behavior. She has defended him every time.

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16darkimiage(3 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Vinglass is spot on, James Barkett is grossly under qualified for his position as well as many workers in her court. Look at the probation officer that was sleeping with the kids on his active cases!!!
She cant run a court and order kids into treatment when she has a child who acts like this..


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17bumslife(28 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

Auntiem: I seriously doubt anyone in the whole dellick family tree reads the online Vindy or the comments posted. If they did, we would all probably get our accounts yanked/edited/etc/brought up on charges due to her being a judge and wielding that kind of "boss hawg" small-town power in the valley.... irony or sarcasm, you call it.

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18republicanRick(1716 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

How about this letter to the editor from 2004 and Judge Dellick. This guy sure knew what he was talking about.
Judge Dellick is wrong about endless second chances


As Judge Dellick stated in The Vindicator on Jan. 11, the trend toward juvenile offenders is rehabilitation. And I do agree with that up to a point. But once the juvenile has crossed the line from misdemeanor and even minor felony to "serious offenses," I tend to agree with the State of Ohio that says that juveniles can be tried as adults starting at age 14.

A very large majority of juvenile offenders know how to play the system. They are street smart enough to know that they can get away with anything -- drug dealing, rape, death, etc. -- and only be charged as a delinquent child as long as they are under 18 and Judge Dellick sits on the bench.

About the juvenile justice system, she says, "This is no kiddie court. We have serious offenders with serious offenses." Still she refuses to turn them over to adult courts. She also says, "you have to learn to prioritize," but she does not. To her, all juveniles, no matter how serious their crime, deserve a second, third or for that matter, indefinite chances.

Could the judge's kind of thinking be the reason that Mahoning County's rate of violent crime among juvenile offenders is double the state and national average? How is that "breaking the cycle of recidivism?"

How many more repeat offenders, and for that matter, how many more victims is she going to create before Judge Dellick realizes that serious crime should be dealt with seriously? Rehabilitation works only for those who want to be rehabilitated. Ask anyone familiar with a 12-step program.

In the case of serious crimes, punishment not rehabilitation, is the major deterrent.


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19YtownParent(990 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

The cops are just as much to blame as anyone else.Aggravated menacing is one of only a few charges when the victim has the say in pressing charges. Otherwise, Under the Ohio Revised code an officer who sees evidence of an assault or is informed of it by another party who witnessed it (as well as a slew of other crimes) is supposed to make an arrest -with or without the cooperation of the victim. The officer's observing the evidence or the witnesses written statement is enough for a jury to convict, and any judge would have to instruct the jury of that fact. So why didn't the officers involved in any of these incidents enforce the laws they swore to uphold?

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20SheDevil(120 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

This boy-man needs to be off the street

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212muchtax(895 comments)posted 2 years, 7 months ago

This kid is gonna get killed or kill someone and the cops and his mother are helping him by not holding him accountable Hell the aust. Cops let him walk after stabbibg a guy twice! Could not be because his mommy is a judge could it?

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