Republican ideology has not served the United States well

Republican ideology has not served the United States well

Pundits like Cal Thomas extol Republican ideology that has created problems for America. Ronald Reagan praised unions in 1980 and then fired all air traffic controllers. Iran-Contra was as a result of making the CIA the biggest drug dealers in the universe. Tricky Dick Nixon avowed he wasn’t a crook over the Watergate break-in, then resigned in disgrace.

Then, we have the local boy does good, Warren Harding, presiding over the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Herbert Hoover presided over the Great Depression. George W. Bush did an illegal war (resulting in the deaths of over 5,400 Americans, almost twice the number killed by the terrorists on 9/11), put oversight on the back burner, and presided over a drop of almost 5,000 points in the Dow. Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama bailed out the last two. I imagine that Old Abe would be clucking and shaking his head over the ideology. It seems funny that none of the pundits you feature on your editorial page mention any of this.

Mitch McConnell and the Party of No have been mute in the Senate. John Boehner has been pouting from an Obama second term and the legislation that the House passes results in a shutdown of the government costing the U.S. billions in dollars over a fight in legislation (ObamaCare) they lost. Boehner also led the House in 37 votes costing $52 million to repeal ObamaCare — without success. These are examples of historical perspectives of ideology gone awry — and it’s frightening.

Then Cal has the audacity to whine about the underwriting of more debt. He, too, ignores the insatiable pork underwritten in legislation by members of both parties. Just one example: The Study of the Sex Life of a Mosquito. Given all the problems suffered by America since 1898, we are still here, we are still fighting, still trying to bring America to its fullest and grandest potential.

We suffer from a budget deficit because a budget surplus developed under Wild Bill Clinton was squandered. And the companies bailed out by President Obama have repaid huge sums.

America will continue to have its ups and downs because of democracy — the election of legislators, both good and bad. It is the nature of the beast. We’d be well-served to act with patience and determination in all aspects of making America better for all the people — the 100 percent.

John Zordich, Youngstown