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Woman says John Dellick threatened her at YSU

Published: Thu, November 7, 2013 @ 12:10 a.m.

Judge’s son booked into county jail; expected to be arraigned Friday

By joe gorman



The son of a Mahoning County juvenile court judge was arrested Wednesday on charges of making threats earlier in the day toward a woman at Youngstown State University.

John Dellick, 19, was served with an arrest warrant Wednesday afternoon involving the incident on the campus.

He is out on bond from Mahoning County Area Court in Canfield for a charge of aggravated assault stemming from a road rage incident there Oct. 18.

For the latest charge, he was booked into the Mahoning County jail and is expected to be arraigned in municipal court Friday afternoon. City Prosecutor Dana Lantz said people arrested for menacing or aggravated menacing are held without bond until they are arraigned by a judge.

He is the son of Judge Theresa Dellick.

On Oct. 11, YSU police were called to an argument mother and son were having on campus. The judge told police her son was upset because he was kicked out of the house for smoking marijuana, and he threatened her. She told those officers she was not concerned for her safety, and John Dellick agreed to get an evaluation at St. Elizabeth Health Center, according to the reports. She also told police her son suffers from severe depression and anxiety attacks, and she was in search of a safe place for him.

In Wednesday’s episode, a university police report said the victim and her friend went to the campus police station about 11:30 a.m. The woman said she was sitting in Wendy’s eatery on campus when Dellick walked up to her and said he would beat up the man she was sitting with.

The victim said in the report she was afraid, so she texted a friend who agreed to walk her to class.

They walked from Kilcawley Center to Lincoln Hall and Dellick walked behind them — shouting threats at her.

He also said if she did not return his calls or texts, he would “find her,” the report said.

The two women then walked behind a large trash container between Ward Beecher and Moser halls.

The report said Dellick told the victim: “You and the people you are with will end up in here dead.”

The victim also said Dellick took her coffee when they got inside Lincoln Hall and threw it to the ground. He then blocked her entrance into a classroom, the report said.

The victim and her friend then walked straight to the campus police station and made a report.

On Oct. 18, Dellick was charged with colliding with a car at a red light at U.S. Route 224 and Lockwood Boulevard, after the 58-year-old driver saw Dellick throw a bottle out of his car and yelled at him for littering. The man said after Dellick struck his car, Dellick yelled racial slurs at the man and his wife.

Shortly after that incident, Judge Dellick issued a statement saying her son was falsely accused and is innocent.

In county court, Judge Scott Hunter has recused himself, and a visiting judge was appointed to hear his case. A pretrial hearing in that case is set for Nov. 22.

John Dellick also was a suspect in two road-rage incidents in Boardman and Austintown in 2012, once kicking a mirror and another time he was accused of stabbing a man.

No charges were filed in either incident.


1michael1757(302 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Judges on or not,this kid needs some time in the pokey,then get him evaluted again,& if he's bi-polar,thats no excuse for that kind of behavior.

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2SemiRetired100(25 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Oh that John is a bad, bad boy! He needs a good spanking!

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3southsidedave(4951 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

anger management classes will be prescribed and that is the last we will hear about it...

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4kensgirl(669 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

I'm saying it now - this kid is the type to take a gun into an eatery, school or elsewhere and open fire. He is obviously mentally ill and needs put into a mental health facility. Judge Dellick needs to step up and be a mom instead of catering to him and keeping her judgeship. Ban him from campus and get him on meds immediately. Some innocent person is going to get hurt. Then the common phrase will be "I told you so."

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5CantStandYa(170 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Not for nothin, but with all the charges piling up here, the next person who this a hole threatens could kill him and probably get away with it.....

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6republicanRick(1289 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

At what point does a community have the right to grab and treat this obviously mentally unstable boy instead of waiting for the parents to do it. The Dellick's have shown to be poor parents and are incapable of dealing with a difficult situation. If the parents are too lazy to control this boy, how long before an innocent ex-girlfriend, or school friend or innocent driver gets killed by this ticking time bomb.
Sometimes the law and courts have to take over for parents before a bad situation gets worse.

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7auntiem4cabs(113 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

We all have much to say about the parenting skills, and maybe some have made all the right decisions in their parenting and their kids have turned out for the good. I am thinking she is learning. It is time to work on her child. Bad choices, we have all made them. How many of us did what we felt was best for our children only to have them not turn out so well. Sorry Judge, for have said things that I should have thought before i spoke.

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8valleypolitics(88 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Whats that smell? It's the stink of a one person disaster that is somehow involved with everything wrong in Mahoning County and his name is David Betras.

You ask how is the Democratic Party Chairman involved with this story? Lets see.

Why has Republican Judge Dellick not had a serious Democrat challenger? Answer: In exchange for not running anyone against Dellick, Betras secured a job for a family member in Dellicks court.

There is the great possibility that Judge Dellick wouldn't be a Judge now if it weren't for this deal, and it would be much easier to resolve this problem with her son if she was not a Judge.

To the FBI and US Attorney, wake up and "smell the hummus"!

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9papa1(697 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

someone better wake up and lasso this nutjob before he walks into the southern park mall with n ar-15. all the signs are there.

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10UNCOMMONSENSE(420 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Would anyone else like to join me as we pay this "punk" a visit and give him a dose of our own justice?? Maybe he needs to be on the receiving end in order to understand.

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11Bplus(103 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Yes, I will join you! I would love to show this kid what it feels like when a real man is beating you into the ground for being such an idiot. Maybe that is what he needs? Either way, it is definitely what he deserves.

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12soccermomrules(3 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Everyone can sit back and pass judgment on this matter. This would not even make headlines other than he is the son of a public official.The readers who comment on their parenting skills should look into the mirror and not throw stones. Please give their family privacy to deal with this matter.

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13UNCOMMONSENSE(420 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

soccer... this is not a recent isolated incident with this kid to which they now have to deal with. Their privacy ended when their son started to terrorize society.

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14walter_sobchak(2007 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

John Dellick is 19 and is an adult. There is not a lot that Judge Dellick can NOW do to intervene legally. Morally, she needs to do something drastic and fast because she will be burying this kid soon enough if things don't change. If the accounts of this encounter by these young women is factually true, then he should be brought in front of a Dean at YSU for disciplinary action and possible expulsion for the protection of everyone. There is a conduct code at YSU and it is a privilege to attend.

Medications are often needed for people with ADHD. When stimulants are used, irritability and an increase in anxiety are often side-effects. He may well be on meds already and this is a side-effect. But, ADHD has NOTHING to do with upbringing. I raised two boys and one has ADHD. He has and will struggle with this his whole life. He often hates the way meds make him feel and has to adjust accordingly. Fortunately, he is not a violent person.

It is unfortunate that people want to make this a political matter.

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15CantStandYa(170 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Soccermomrules, three previous posts, all defending dellick and her kid...

It's obvious dellick and her family can't handle the matter. She threw him out of the house.

Also, I wish to god that little bastard runs up on someone someday soon who won't take his s*#t, because the only matter she would be handling then would be funeral arrangements.

Regardless of his mental state, if they can't keep a leash on that kid, he's gonna run into the wrong person one day and he won't walk away. And I hope the good person who puts him down doesn't have to even face a judge.

And that's if he doesn't end up killing some innocent kid or old lady first.

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16YtownParent(363 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

John Dellick is an adult and he is responsible for his own actions. Blaming his parents just removes responsibility from his shoulders and probably gives him the satisfaction of knowing his actions can harm his parents.

Judge Dellick isn't completely blameless and she deserves the scrutiny. She put herself and family in the spotlight by making public statements claiming his innocence and blaming his victims instead of quietly tending to his legal and medical needs in private.

Judge Dellick's actions might be what every parent would do, but that doesn't make it right. John's actions have placed others at risk -including the minor children who attend the Rich Center and YSU's Day Care which are right in the area where the incidents occurred. Fortunately, there is no legal reason his bond shouldn't be revoked. It's not worth speculating about all the illegal reasons he could get out of jail unless they actually happen.

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17icecold64(1 comment)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

This is a really unfortunate situation here, and I think this guy needs serious help very quickly, or else this community is at risk of another Sandy Hook massacre....I had to say that, but all signs point in that direction. He obviously has problems, meds or no meds, locking him up and letting him out is not the answer. He needs to be sent away to a facility where he can get the help he needs and then evaluated for release, otherwise this community is at very high risk, especially if this college incident occurred recently. This guy needs serious help and very quickly. He for sure needs to be banned for the YSU campus. Mall security needs to be heightened especially with the holidays and if this guy gets set free. All law enforcement needs to be vigilent. Please pray that this guy gets the help he needs and gets it pronto. Youngstown Ohio does not need to be on the radar map for any more violence.

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18bumslife(28 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

It's unfortunate that people want to make this a political manner????? Are you serious?? This is just one of many examples of how politically-corrupt the justice systems in Mahoning and Trumbull county are. As someone who is a direct victim of the corruption, I feel this is an almost entirely political issue. How much was the judge able to protect her son in the past? Who knows, but an awful lot of people get screwed because the judge/DA/country-club cronyism that goes on there.

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19walter_sobchak(2007 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

I agree that psych meds are over-prescribed and overused, mainly because the parents can't handle the child and believe the pills are magic bullets. We were fortunate to be able to control my son with a sub-therapeutic dosage for most of his life and it has worked. He is graduating this semester from YSU and has maintained almost a perfect GPA. The best part is he is in special-ed and works with these types of children. Most people don't understand. No amounts of discipline and beatings will work as they can't overcome brain chemistry. But, when this adult male behaves like he has, you sure wouldn't mind see him getting his arse wrapped around his ears.

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20darkimiage(3 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

WOW! that didn't take long. Just gets released for the last incident & catches fresh charges a few days later!?!?! This kid needs help!! I think his Mom should send him to those Anger Management classes she makes all the kids on probation to her court...No?

She has no problem tell the parents of this county what to do & how best to raise their children....Hhhmmmm, maybe she should have raised her son and parented him first. If she raised her son how she runs her court its no wonder he ended up this way.... Only have the staff at her court works, the rest just follow her around telling her how great she is....

Well Judge Dellick I'll tell you that your not so great and you need parenting classes!!! You really don't do anything at the court anyway, take some time off and give your son the attention that he need or craves. go with him to YSU, make sure he attends class & plays nice with others. Go driving with him & teach him that we share the road with others. Teach him not to litter, lets keep Ohio green!! I could go on but you get the point.

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21kensgirl(669 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Many parents raise their children to be responsible adults. Once they are 18 though they can chose to go right or go left. The choice IS theirs though. You can't always blame the parent. In this case though Judge Dellick should have come out and said she was trying to get help for her son instead of defending him. Also the problem here is that too many doctors overprescribe psych meds and don't follow up on how the patient is doing. The patient has to be on just the right med in order for it to be effective and it is trial and error. Then the problem becomes staying on the med. Many patients go off their meds and have serious repercussions. How many people shop for psych doctors, get their meds then go to another doctor for some more. It's called polypharmacy. I worked in the field a long time and I know how the industry works. He needs pink slipped and put in a hospital until they find what works for him. It's a long road but if this road isn't traveled the consequences can be fatal.

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22harleydog(224 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

I am a republican and always vote republican. I do think the judge should step aside and take care of her family problems. She has lost credibility passing judgment on kids and there families when obviously she has the same problems going on in her home and chose to hide it. How can she look anyone in the eye in her courtroom and expect people show her any respect, . I have lost total respect for her. Please step down and let the Kasich appoint your replacement.. You are no longer qualified to perform your duties.

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23Rooster(78 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

I am a lifelong Republican also, but if we judge folks careers by how their offspring turned out, a lot of folks would be out of work. Anyway, I wonder if we'll be hearing more of this rage problem from these Attention Deficit kids that have been hopped up on speed for 5-10 years and counting, because make no mistake about it, that ADHD prescription being shoveled into those kids is speed - same stuff as some guys I worked double shifts in the 70's were on, and those guys we called "speed freaks" and let me tell you, at the end of a double shift, they were jumpy and touchy. Here's the worst part, they weren't on anywhere near the doses these kids have been working up to after all these years. No one back then could have dreamed up that we'd be giving kids speed for years and years. Those double shift guys would be taking one tenth the dose a lot of these kids have worked up to, and wouldn't be able to do it more than five days. Therapeutic doses my ass. It's a shame and those chickens are coming home to roost right about now with these poor kids. Took away recess and put the kids on this crap to get them to make good grades. Could have run them around the building a few times - what the principal used to do with kids like me, for instance. Just saying - if this kids been on speed for five years, get out of his way

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24uptowngirl(122 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

This young adult needs inpatient psychiatric care to either get him off his prescribed medications or put him on medication. He is of legal age therefore not subject to parental control. A quietly executed involuntary psychiatric evaluation order from another judge might have done the trick. Everyday a new story is reported regarding his bad behavior. He is a menace. I was not surprised to hear that the Canfield Police suppressed a criminal complaint against Dellick. The ex-girlfriend needs to get out of Dodge before another stalker incident occurs. At minimum, the judge needs to take a leave of absence from her job to protect herself from further appearance of impropriety, a concept that most Valley politicians are clueless about. Next chapter is the setting of bail for him. I would be interested to know if he is in the general jail population or if he is in a private cell.

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25brooke_grace2(3 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Ive been in this ladies court room with my teenage daughter... I hand delivered my child to the police station after being hit by her for the 1st & last time... ....My child was placed in a house with 12 other children with paid babysitters while the courts was trying to figure out why my saying NO over & over again to my childs wims got me hit ..Dellick had the courts waste taxpayers dollars for 3 months on our case while everything was being investigated Judge was all about me leaving my $3200 a month job & going on welfare , maybe leaving my $200 grand home in the country & moving into Youngstown where my child can be like other kids ...she even asked me could I afford to let my child move into an apt. alone because we argue ..who rents an apt . to a 14 year old ? my kid has never been hit by me but I got investigated by children services ...Dellick sent me a 22 year old man/ boy from CBS to tell me maybe I need a parenting class to learn how to deal with this child ..while my 2 other older children stood there laughing hysterically...Id like to add my other 2 older kids were older than the worker himself .., they told how this child is a spoiled brat ....but in a end Judge Dellick told me the worst punishment any child should ever have is HUGS AND KISSES & that my child needs lots more freedoms ...so now my 15 year old is disrespectful , wears skin tight painted on clothes, tells me the rules of her game all while reminding me Ill call children services and tell them you said NO & Ill be back in the party house by tonight ..so this is a beautiful thing to watch Judge Dellick's own life biting her hard in the ass too ....Dellick's boy must be a product of LOTS of hugs and kisses ...I hope when her boy gets in the prison system ...he gets bent over for lots of hugs and kisses ..and Momma Dellick's punishment is watching it happen out of her control ... and why is her family living in Canfield ? why is she not living amongist her people that she identifies with ...REALITY CHECK DELLICK ..these little brats ...mine & yours needed more ass beatings ...how you goinna look at the next desparate mother standing before you saying help me put some fear into my child to stop it from acting this way .....HA HA Momma Dellick ..KARMA !!!!

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26rick51(96 comments)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

Classic case of mommy babying when she should have been Disciplining.

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27MsFreda(1 comment)posted 1 year, 2 months ago

This young man needs help. His Mother is scared of him. Get him the professional help he needs. The girlfriend and her parents are scared of WHAT he will do to them.


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