Cheers to Rep. Bill Johnson for taking on big government

Cheers to Rep. Bill Johnson for taking on big government

Now that the government is open again, it’s made me think about the past several weeks and especially U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson.

I’ve always thought the House of Representatives is the chamber that is the direct voice of the people. In thinking through the last few weeks, I believe the way Bill Johnson handled the votes and the debates regarding the trajectory of the U.S.A. was spot-on regarding our “drowning-in-debt” nation. He knows your children and grandchildren will never be able to pay these debts. Why don’t “professional politicians” care about your offspring?

Did we want the government shutdown? No. But, do we want to get our debt under control and not give any special treatment to politicians? Yes. In considering through what actually happened, I really think that Bill Johnson got it right.

He voted to keep the government open, to take these agencies, piece by piece, and fund them just like we all need to do when our personal budgets are tight and we need to determine what bills are most urgent and have priority over frivolous spending or dinner out.

Yet, at the end of the debates, our congressman was criticized for making rational, common-sense decisions. Instead, although Congressman Johnson voted no on increasing the national debt, politicians are being given more special treatment, and worse, the president got another credit card.

At the end of the day, I absolutely support Bill Johnson’s vote and am glad that a good portion of the House of Representatives still represents the people.

And finally, the time has come to elect more citizen representatives like Congressman Johnson, not professional politicians whether it be on a local, state or federal level.

Suellen Blasdell, Canfield