Let’s not squander chance to be energy independent

Let’s not squander chance to be energy independent

Planes, trains and automo- biles really took off after World War II. The economy was doing great with good-paying jobs that helped the middle-class people to prosper and grow.

Steel mills were working all three shifts, smoke from the mills came over the “Smoky Hollow Skies” and days you could not even see the sky. “Smoky Hollow” is just below Youngstown State University (formerly Youngstown College).

Most of industries here used coal because of all the coal mines in our area. Gasoline was under a dollar a gallon, and electricity for our homes and factories was very reasonable and kept our food prices down. Also, most people had their own gardens.

We bought homes, cars and raised our families, gave our children a good education so they could also find good-paying jobs. This was to me the American dream after serving my country during World War II.

Yes we polluted our rivers from fossil fuels and coal burning; the E.P.A. has done a great job to help clean this up, but we do not yet have the energy for the future so we must still drill for oil and coal and work to keep it clean so cars can get more miles per gallon.

We do have enough oil here in the U.S., Canada, Alaska and Mexico so we do not have to depend on OPEC for oil. We can keep our gas money here, and by not buying OPEC oil they cannot hold the American people hostage to their up-and-down oil prices. Every time they cause a problem in that area of the Middle East, up goes our gas prices and we continue to buy their oil. Let’s be more smart about this and for now dig for oil here till we find better energy. Windmills, batteries and solar panels will not do it.

Henry Ford had a great idea to put the entire country on wheels in the early 1900s. He put together a few investors and the Model “T” Ford was born. He also started the assembly line to build cars with no government money.

Now our president says we all have to play by the same rules and yet under Obamacare, since most companies and unions will be hurt, our president gave them a waiver from its health-care bill. This is America, we should all be under the same rules that our U.S. Congress passes. Let’s all speak up; don’t put your head in the sand, and please do not give up your right to vote.

Carl DiTullio, Canfield