West Boulevard Elementary has Red Ribbon Week


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Ian Cowie (left) and Mikey Stavrenos were able to wear pajamas to school Oct. 24.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Raina Houck (left) and Audrey Anderson wore pajamas to school as part of West Boulevard Elementary School's Red Ribbon Week.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Tyler Tremayne took part in pajama day during Red Ribbon Week at West Boulevard Elementary School Oct. 24.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Oct. 24 was pajama day at West Boulevard Elementary School as part of the Red Ribbon student awareness week.


Neighbors | Elise McKeown Skolnick.Kylie Daniels posed in her pajamas at West Boulevard Elementary School Oct. 24.



West Boulevard Elementary School students rolled out of bed and were ready for school Oct. 24.

As part of Red Ribbon Week, students wore their pajamas to school that day. The annual Red Ribbon event, sponsored by the Parent Teacher Association, is meant to teach children about drug prevention awareness.

Other activities included a visit by the Mahoning County drug task force. They brought a SWAT vehicle and the children were allowed to check it out.

Signs were posted in the school with sayings such as “A Healthy Me is Drug Free!” and “Believe, Achieve, Succeed, Drug Free.”

Each day of the week had a different theme. Monday students wore red, Tuesday they wore a hat, Wednesday was silly sock day and Friday was black and orange day. The themes often go with a drug prevention saying, such as “stomp out drugs” for silly sock day.

Theresa Laverock, a second grader, said pajama day is her favorite of Red Ribbon Week because “pjs” are comfortable.

Victoria Aldeco, also in second grade, agreed.

“When I go home and go to bed I don’t have to change,” she said.

Laverock’s pajamas displayed a penguin ice princess. Her friends, Aldeco, Lexi Korff and Shaelan Williams, all, coincidentally, wore Hello Kitty pajamas.

The girls said they understood the message of the week, as well as having fun with it.

Some students wore bathrobes over their pajamas and many wore slippers. Teachers joined the students in wearing pajamas to school.

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