Knitting group helps warm up America


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Members of A Loose Knit Group made hats and baby blankets for newborns at Akron Children's Hospital.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .Loose Knit Group members work together to make afghans like this to donate to Warm Up America.


Neighbors | Adrienne Crissman .A Loose Knit Group meets twice a month in the library at Fellows Riverside Gardens.


A Loose Knit Group is kept together by one main thing, their love of knitting.

They meet twice a month in the Antonucci Library in the Davis Center to make various projects.

The group collaborates to make afghans for the needy, which are then donated to Warm Up America.

“The afghans are very eclectic things,” said Anita Wesler. “When you put them together it is a wonderful thing.”

A Loose Knit Group also donates items locally. They make baby blankets and hats for newborns at Akron Children’s Hospital. So far they have made more than 300 baby blankets for Akron Children’s Hospital.

As a side project, the group creates woolly pockets for the family garden at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

“They are so much fun and whimsical,” said Wesler.

The group is much more than knitting. Although the name suggests otherwise, the group is very close-knit.

“Everyone is so supportive of each other,” said Marlene Nelson. “They really enjoy each other’s company.”

If you don’t know how to knit, the group still welcomes you to come.

“We teach people how to knit if they don’t know,” said Jennaie Williams.

Donations of yarn and needles are appreciated any time and can be dropped off at the Antonucci Library in the Davis Center at Fellows Riverside Gardens.

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