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St. Vincent-St. Mary too tough for Ursuline


Ursuline’s Ben Phillips (1) and Akron SVSM’s Nathan Bischof (23) battle for a pass during the first quarter of Thursday’s game at Stambaugh Stadium. SVSM won 40-7.

Akron st. Vincent-St. mary prevails over Ursuline



For the first half of its game Thursday night, Ursuline was hanging tough with Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary. The Irish only trailed by 12 points at intermission, having recovered a pair of fumbles by the state’s defending Division III champions in rainy weather.

But in the first eight minutes of the third quarter, things fell apart for Ursuline, as it allowed three touchdowns that allowed SVSM to pull away for a 40-7 victory at Stambaugh Stadium.

“It affected both teams,” Ursuline coach Larry Kempe said of the weather. “I thought St. V’s handled it better than we did. It comes down to us having to control the football, hold on to the football and then we have opportunities to make tackles.

“There’s a reason why they’re 10-0; because they’re a good football team.”

SVSM (10-0) got the third quarter off to a quick start as Parris Campbell returned the opening kickoff 80 yards for a touchdown just 13 seconds into the half.

“We took advantage of some breaks,” SVSM coach Dan Boarman said. “Parris breaks the first one off tackle and it makes you look like a great football coach.”

Ursuline (4-5) fumbled the ensuing kickoff, which was recovered by Tyler Moran at the Irish 21. After a holding penalty moved the ball back 12 yards, Moran caught a 33-yard scoring pass from Aaron Bushner for a 33-7 lead with 11:27 left in the third.

After an Ursuline punt, SVSM took the ball on its own 25 and marched 75 yards in 11 plays, taking 6:05 off the clock. Vince Lockett had 48 yards during the drive and finished with 128 yards on 21 carries. Joe Faetanini finished the drive from 5 yards out for the final margin.

“That’s bothersome right now with me,” Kempe said. “We came out, first play the kid goes 80 yards. I looked at some things as that play was progressing I didn’t like. Then we don’t field the kick, which is inexcusable. Those are things that you work on every day and should be handled correctly.”

The weather had a negative impact on both teams, mainly in the first half. Each team lost three fumbles, which were the first three all season for SVSM. Ursuline scored its only touchdown off a SVSM fumble, as Campbell fumbled on his own 12. Five plays later, Chris Durkin scored from the 3 to tie the game at 7 with 10:07 left in the first half.

Despite the fumble, Campbell led his team with 130 yards on 12 carries. SVSM rushed for 407 yards as a team, compared to just 43 for Ursuline.

“We knew with the weather conditions we were going to run the football tonight,” Boarman said. “I think it was obvious that was what we had to do. I think that’s been our bread and butter all year.”

Ursuline entered Thursday seeded fifth in Division V, Region 15.

Kempe said he’s not certain the Irish will even make the playoffs.

“Now we have to sit and wait,” he said. “We probably won’t find out until Sunday; either way, if we’re continuing we have to get a lot better, and if not we’ll collect the uniforms.”



Akron St. V's 407 yards rushing--Ursuline 43??? C'mon man!
That offense needs some help. Defense, too.
Maybe an ex-coach from Fitch can help. Carl "Doobie" Pelini is available! He'll know what to do to get the Ursuline team to play at a "high" level!! LOL!
Go Fitch!! Beat Mooney!!

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


You're a myopic minion Austinmom. Keep on hating, it's what you morons in Austintown are great at.

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


EVERYONE needs to be a TEAM player. Can not show favoritism to a select few (ONE) and expect good things to happen.

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


It is very upsetting to see the same irresponsible things going on with the Ursuline Irish Football Team's coaching staff. For the last two weeks, the "Ursuline" coaching staff has made Mooney's Coaching Staff and now Akron Saint V's Coaching Staff look like rocket scientists. The two teams have great talent and they are good football teams, but the "Irish" has a great team as well..With lots of talent... First off, why would the kids play a game on a Thursday Night? Ummmm.......Last week Ursuline was the visiting team for the Mooney game. This week, Fitch should have been hosting Mooney on their field for Friday Night. They have a wonderful field. This way, Both Irish Teams had one more day to practice and rest. As a coach, this issue could have been addressed and taken care of a long time ago. Next, it's raining, raining, raining, why would the coaching staff think it's okay to throw the ball when it's wet? Ummmmmmmmm.... Why not run the ball, the above article clearing stated the Akron coach said it was raining and he knew they had to run the ball..... Yes, the children made mistakes, missing tackles, not fielding the ball, fumbles, yada yada yada...It's very frustrating to get outcoached week after week. A Great Coaching Staff can take a mediocre team and make them look like Super Bowl Champs, while Bad coaching can take an excellent team with lots of talent and make them look like "Cream Puffs"...This is not hating on anyone, just speaking the truth. Like canfcard said, a "TEAM" wins games. The effort has to be from "EVERYONE". No one person can win a game on Offense or Defense. The ENTIRE TEAM/COACHES have to pull together to win games. Hopefully they will change this madness for the Playoffs......

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


^^Ursuline clobbered Mooney last year. Absolutely annihilated them in every single aspect of the game. How did the exact same Ursuline staff make Mooney's staff look like "rocket scientists" when doing that? I really, really look forward to your answer on that. Mooney had 25 seniors. Ursuline had 8 and 6 of them aren't very good, to be blunt. Akron's talent is on another level this year. Remember, Ursuline has pretty much dominated this series with ASVSM. The coaches didn't get stupid overnight that caused the loss last night.

Sounds like you are one of the parents whose kid isn't very good and is complaining about playing time and everything else under the sun. What you fail to realize is that the kids that are playing aren't very good and the kids that aren't are even worse. Deal with it. Your son isn't any good. It is not the coaches fault. Or the AD's fault for scheduling a game on a Thursday night (that was a reach on your you know anything at all about how hard it is to schedule games?) The coach didn't schedule this game. If you have an issue with scheduling, I encourage you to contact the Athletic Director.

Do something produxtive about your issues rather than posting anonymously on an internet message board. And get used to your son not always getting treated the way you think he should. It's part of life.

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


First off don't call anyone on here idiot and second off.. I don't have children I can't have children. I have cancer and third.. I love football and follow football. Eat on those words.. IDIOT>>>>>>>>>>

posted 2 years, 9 months ago


I never used the term "idiot." Nowhere at all. Read my response again. Slowly. You will not find it. Nor, did I resort to name calling, as you did.

You should tone it down a tad. You called me a name that you said I shouldn't call people (which I didn't.) You are all riled and angry. Must be personal. Relax.

If you love football and follow football, it should be easy to see that Ursuline is just not as good as they have been in recent years. The talent isn't there. Not even close. You chose to blame the coaches, solely, for what you deem to be less than an acceptable season. Certainly, blame can be shared in varying degrees but to lay this all on the coaching staff is irresponsible and ignores the obvious lack of talent.

Have a good day, ma'am.

posted 2 years, 9 months ago

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