Baseball season is almost over


It’s that time of year. The World Series has finally arrived, and the baseball season, which has lasted seven long months, is finally at its end. The end of season brings different emotions. Some are sad that it’s over and they have to wait until next year to see another game. Most, including my mother, are excited to see the season end.

You see, since April 1, my dad and I have controlled the television in our living room, watching every Pittsburgh Pirates game. That means that for seven months my mom has been kicked out of our living room almost every night. I think it was in mid-July when she first asked if the season was over yet.

I have to admit, she has a point. Even devoted baseball fans are glad that this season is almost over because it has been so incredibly long.

Lengthy seasons are one of the reasons that baseball has lost so many fans. Not many people have what it takes to endure 162 3-hour games. Even for a huge fan, it starts to become grueling.

Personally, the only reason that I am sad that the season is over is that I realize that I will soon have to restart the entire process. Knowing that I have another season to fight through, one game at a time, is horrifying. I just cannot fathom the fact that I have only four months off before I need to begin this cycle again.

Some people might wonder why I don’t just exercise my right to not watch baseball. For some things, there is no explanation. I’m a baseball fan, and I have to watch, even when it’s painful.

My advice to all of the baseball fans out there is to savor these final moments of the baseball season, and enjoy your four months of freedom. As excited as you may be when April rolls back around, pretty soon you’re going to be praying for October.

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