A life saver right here at home

A life saver right here at home

On April 29 I experienced a Cardiac/Respiratory arrest in my home. Thank God, first of all, that my oldest son was there. I was awakened four days later in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Medical ICU.

I had been intubated for those four days. But I was awakened gently and with a tremendous feeling of safety by the first of what was to be quite a few nurses who cared for me; her name is Marissa. She explained everything to me in detail as to not only inform me but to help alleviate any fears I may have had. She brought the phone to me so I could talk to my sons when they could not be there, and kept them well informed of my progress, as this was very stressful for them.

Some of my other caregivers were Suzanne, Connie, Sarah, Nicole, and Dottie. The Respiratory therapists were great as I required quite a few breathing treatments round the clock.

My physicians/specialists were also great. Doctors Henson, Hunt, Katz , Veynovich, and Sweeney all kept me informed of the tests and procedures they had planned for me. The staff in the Cardiac Lab, where I had my heart catherization were wonderful. Going through a heart cath can be scary, even for someone who’s been a registered nurse for over 30 years. But these nurses assured me every step of the way.

I came home May 10, and I look forward to working with my physicians during my recovery.

St. Elizabeth’s has always been my choice of hospitals from years ago when I had my sons. The care is perfect in my eyes. They get credit for saving my life.

And lastly, if you smoke, stop. And don’t let stress run your life; it is definitely not worth it.

Sharon Young, RN, Canfield