Silent generation’s call to arms

Silent generation’s call to arms

We are called the silent generation, those of us born between 1937 and 1945. Do not confuse us with baby boomers. We are now 68 to 74 years old. Most of us were too young to fight Communists in Korea and too old to fight them in Vietnam. A majority of us supported the party of Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy. That party no longer exists.

Truman and Kennedy served in war as combat officers. President Obama served in poor communities as an Alinsky Communist organizer. Quite a difference.

Liberals, misfits, nuts, dopers and atheists are determined to turn the United States into the largest banana republic in the world. If they think this will be easy, they are mistaken. This will be the silent generation’s war.

Thomas R. Watts, Girard

The House listens to its own tune

How about that Paul Ryan? His ridiculous budget got shot down once and now he’s back at it again, and it still contains repealing the Affordable Health Care Act. It hasn’t changed much at all. It still contains budget cuts to education, a voucher system for Medicare and tax cuts for Wall Street and the wealthy. It also slashes funding for Medicaid, veterans, cancer research, law enforcement and a host of other services working families rely on every day.

This budget will eliminate 1.7 million jobs in it’s first two years. What ever happened to the Republicans spouting off about jobs, jobs, jobs? I hope now that everybody sees their true colors.

The Republicans’ irresponsible cuts are not a deficit reduction plan. They are the biggest gift in history for big corporations and the filthy rich who fund Republican campaigns, and they come at a cost that America can’t afford. The best way to reduce the deficit is create jobs by investing in infrastructure and education, raising wages, reducing inequality and improving our manufacturing capabilities. I hope we all know by now that is not going to happen — not until we get those Tea Party puppets out of office.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.