Senators get away with shirking

Senators get away with shirking

On a recent Thursday, each and every one of the eight Republican members of the Senate Committee for Environment and Public Works refused to do their jobs. They failed to attend the confirmation hearing for EPA nominee Gina McCarthy and delayed a confirmation vote despite having received answers to more than 1,000 questions they submitted to the nominee.

This is unacceptable. We need Ohio’s senators, Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, to call on the Republican Senators on the Environment and Public Works Committee to do their job.

I do my job every day and if I decide just not to show up, you bet I’ll hear from my employer. It is egregious that our politicians think that they have the right to do whatever they want. Their job is to serve the American people regardless of party and to conduct their duties in a bipartisan effort.

This affects us directly in this area because the EPA is very involved in the fracking and oil drilling. Many people are waiting on permits and paperwork to be completed in order for rigs in this area to be constructed.

If you have a minute or two to call or email your senators, let them know that these senators who think they do not have to do their job is completely unacceptable and childish. They have a job to do and we are counting on them. If I was Donald Trump I would say to them, “You’re fired.”

William D. Dinsio III, Salem