Suspect in deaths to be arraigned

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An arraignment is scheduled Tuesday for a 17-year-old charged in the deaths of two teenage brothers in northwest Ohio.

The aggravated murder charges announced Friday against Michael Fay came just over a week after he and the teens were named in an Amber Alert.

The alert was issued after the slain brothers’ mother discovered a gun and blood inside a trailer home where the three boys lived with their mothers.

The brothers, 14-year-old Blaine Romes and 17-year-old Blake Romes, were found dead several hours later.

According to The (Toledo) Blade, court documents unsealed Friday said the first Ottawa police officer at the scene followed the bloody trail throughout the mobile home to the back door.

The complaint alleges that Fay committed the killings “purposely” and with “prior calculation and design” in the trailer.

The statement said the officer saw tire tracks and reported “it appeared as if something was drug through the grass.” The tire tracks led away from the mobile home, the officer said.

At that point, officials believed that all three teens had been kidnapped and “one or more may be injured,” so schools and medical centers were contacted, but no one reported seeing any of them.

Fay told officers that the Romes brothers were dead and pointed authorities to their bodies after he was found with a stolen car at a gas station in Columbus, about 120 miles southeast of the trailer park in Ottawa, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said.

Fay’s attorney and his mother have declined to comment.

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