Liberty police receive several calls regarding black bears

Staff report


Liberty Police Department posted a photo on its website Thursday of a bear spotted in the backyard of a home on Tibbetts-Wick Road.

The site said the department had received several calls regarding bears in the area.

“Black bears are usually fearful of people, therefore bear attacks are a rare occurrence,” the page says. “The first thing to do when you see a bear is remain calm.

“Generally, black bears are nonaggressive and prefer to flee from the area as soon as they are aware of your presence. If you encounter a bear, and it is not aware of your presence, simply back away from the area slowly.

“If the bear is aware of your presence and it does not leave the area, avoid direct eye contact with the animal, give the bear an easy escape route and again, simply back slowly away from the area.

“Always avoid running or climbing trees, which may provoke a chase.

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