Obamacare is headed for hearings

Obamacare is headed for hearings

What’s the endgame for the legislative mash-up called Obamacare? My personal and well-informed hunch is that Obamacare will end in a massive congressional inquiry so brutal it will make the McCarthy and Watergate hearings seem like traffic cases in mayor’s court.

What will a congressional inquiry into the current iteration of health care reveal? Rorem-Kimball, America’s unique group health insurance model, will be shown for what it is. This strange and little understood actuarial scheme is so bizarre in its workings that it’s used nowhere else in the world as a model, nor is anything else in the U.S. distributed according to the Rorem-Kimball pattern.

Civic leaders and ordinary folks in the Mahoning Valley need to prepare now for the showdown with truth I believe is inevitable. I’ve known about Rorem-Kimball for 30 years. Rorem-Kimball is not reformable by co-pays, or opportunistic benefits-stripping. Rorem-Kimball is not extensible into universal health care. A pseudo- religious thing for many confused beneficiaries, Rorem-Kimball isn’t even discussable.

Only a congressional inquiry will name the enormously influential lobbies and their enablers who’ve perpetuated the weirdly utopian Rorem-Kimball, and the horrific consequences associated with it. Only a congressional inquiry will have the institutional stature and legislative authority to discuss the unavoidable abolition of Rorem-Kimball.

As a forensic mathematician once said of another scheme that sunk the equivalent of Vermont and Wyoming’s state products combined: “No one [among its beneficiaries] really wants a racket to end.” He might have added, “Because it feels so darned good when the Big Money seems to be working in your favor.” That epitaph may be as good as any for the evil of Rorem-Kimball.

Jack Labusch, Niles