Both vulnerable. West deals.


xA 5

u9 8 7 5 4 2

vQ 9 6

w10 3


xK J 8 3 xQ 9 7 6 4 2

uK 10 uA Q J

v5 4 2 vJ 7

w8 7 6 4 wQ 5



u6 3

vA K 10 8 3

wA K J 9 2

The bidding:


Pass Pass 2x 3v

4x Pass Pass 5w

Pass 5v Dbl Pass

Pass Pass

Opening lead: ?

Some years ago, Sandy and Paul Trent were playing in a national pairs event in New York. On one board, after a protracted auction, which ended in the Trents defending, Paul doubled for a heart opening lead — Sandy led a spade. Paul ripped his cards in half and threw them on the floor!

Tournament Director Al Sobel was summoned and he came to find out what happened and was told the story. Before Sobel could give a ruling, Paul objected: “I did not rip up my cards! I dropped them and they broke!”

This deal is from a team event at the recent ACBL Spring Championships in St. Louis. Sandy Trent was on lead and, after a few moments’ thought, she found the killing lead — the king of hearts!

Paul overtook with the ace, cashed the king of hearts and continued with the jack. Not surprisingly, declarer ruffed high and later finessed West for the jack of trumps — down one.

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