Both vulnerable. East deals.


x9 6 5 3 2

uA 10 9 6 2


wK J 4


xK 10 8 xA 7 4

uJ 4 3 uK Q 8 5

vA J 10 6 v5

w7 6 2 wA Q 10 8 5


xQ J


vK Q 9 8 7 4 3 2

w9 3

The bidding:


1w 3v Pass Pass

Dbl Pass Pass Pass

Opening lead: Two of w

For the next week or so, we will be highlighting deals from the recent ACBL Spring North American Championships in St. Louis, Mo.

The last time such an event was held there was in 2007 from which this deal is taken. It highlights the difference between duplicate pairs and rubber bridge.

Winners then of the Flight A pairs were Dick Wegman and Dave Abelow. On this deal they went down 800 points — for a top score on the board!

Declarer lost two spades, three diamonds and two clubs. Playing for coin of the realm, that would be a disaster. Here it was a triumph. Not because the opponents could make a slam, but because several players elected to leap to four diamonds, doubled and down 1,100.

Even worse results were obtained at those tables where North tried to save partners from their folly by redoubling for takeout. Unfortunately, South had nowhere to go.

At rubber bridge, this sort of ”success” would be a sure way to the poorhouse!

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