Marriage licenses

Edward V. Eve, 35, of 218 Kenilworth Ave. SE, Warren, and Aimee P. Kerr, 32, of same.

David J. Reiner, 34, of 1377 Springwood Trace St., Warren, and Jamie N. Marick, 33, of same.

Brandon A. Higinbotham, 20, of 519 Penn Ave., Warren, and Brandy G. Parker, 21, of same.

Gary P. Mears, 36, of 3912 Highland Ave. SE, Warren, and Carrie M. Coe, 31, of same.

Thomas J. Bauer, 36, of 649 S. Oswego St., Aurora, and Renee M. Robsel, 32, of 4752 Crew Hood Road, Girard.

Bradley K Seelbach II, 27, of 99 Wellman Ave., Girard, and Amanda K. Wilson, 24, of 1210 Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Vienna.

Jason R. Bowen, 30, of 648 Crowder Ave., Sharon, Pa., and Sara C. Glaske, 24, of 440 Sunset Drive, Brookfield.

Jimmy G. Huffman, 36, of 740 Oak Knoll Ave. SE, Warren, and Victoria L. Henson, 43, of same.

Marlin A. Miller, 25, of 2360 Moore Road, Orwell, and Rachel Byler, 20, of 6975 state Route 534, Farmington.

David T. Rouzzo, 45, of 2731 Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Cortland, and Sarah E. Radcliffe, 25, of same.

Jeffrey S. Wickham, 48, of 1503 Salt Springs Road, Weathersfield, and Kelly J. Wickham, 41, of 1736 County Line Road, Mineral Ridge.

Timothy W. Sowers III, 24, of 1336 Youngstown-Kingsville Road, Vienna, and Tara L. Loftus, 24, of 150 Wilson Ave., Niles.

Jamie L. Rodgers, 40, of 808 Salt Springs Road, Warren, and Catherine J. Young, 39, of 14120 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center.

Matthew J. Heckathorn, 22, of 215 Lake Shore Terrace, Warren, and Mara T. Bellard, 21, of same.

Jeffrey V. Worona, 23, of 705 Esme Drive, Girard, and Angela M. Doverspike, 23, of 6645 Sodom Hutchings Road, Girard.

Wilson Stoutamire III, 45, of 1586 Karl Ave., Warren, and Michelle L. Stoutamire, 41, of 3306 Merriweather St., Warren.

Nicholas S. Shirilla, 25, of 112 Turtle Cove, Panama City Beach, Fla., and Caitlin M. Murnane, 25, of same.

Daniel R. Kurta, 23, of 3035 Rosetta Blvd., Newton Falls, and Jaime L. Walters, 22, of 1540 Roosevelt Ave., Newton Falls.

Raymond T. Ulrich, 31, of 147 Shenango Road, New Castle, Pa., and Tara M. Michaels, 34, of same.

Donald L. Palm Jr., 45, of 32 N. Outer Drive, Vienna, and Kimberly A. Lucas, 44, of same.

Thomas A. Chirozzi, 41, of 310 Elruth Court, Apt. 111, Girard, and Amanda M. Gregg, 33, of same.

Tairan E. Davis Sr., 29, of 180 Euclid Blvd., Youngstown, and Nadia E. Perkins, 28, of 4138 Madison Road, Youngstown.

Christopher M. DeFrance, 34, of 3438 Elmwood Ave., Warren, and Andrea D. Kish, 34, of same.

Jeremy R. Kelley, 30, of 2906 Rosemary Ave., Southington, and Hope M. Baker, 31, of same.

Mark A. Gorospe, 45, of 8770 Cardiff Lane SE, Warren, and Gretchen L. Faull, 53, of 8531 Kimblewick Lane NE, Warren.

Cody A. Thompson, 22, of 766 Elmwood Drive, Apt. 4, Hubbard, and Amanda L. Conn, 21, of same.

Roger A. Findley, 63, of 605 Newton Drive, Newton Falls, and Carol J. Swegan, 53, of same.

Thomas W. Messersmith, 66, of 60 Manor Drive, Brookfield, and Debra L. Steele, 53, of same.

Kevin E. Stolecki, 28, of 9283 Shady Lake Drive, Apt. 201, Streetsboro, and Angela M. Terzigni, 26, of 9071 Inverrary Drive SE, Warren.

Alfredo H. Ventura, 29, of 5451 Bushnell Campbell Road, Kinsman, and Lawreace L. Robinson, 29, of same.

Levi D. George, 26, of 881 Fairway Drive NE, Warren, and Breeann D. Bevan, 25, of same.

Eugene D. A. Mach II, 24, of 336 Atlantic St. NW, Warren, and Emily V. Beeman, 21, of 4291 Phalanx Mills Herner Road, Southington.

New complaints

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA v. Suzette E. Shafer et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Daniel L. Bayus Jr. et al, foreclosure.

Huntington National Bank v. Melissa J. Barren et al, foreclosure.

Federal National Mortgage Association v. Jeffrey D. Koski et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Silverleaf Financial 23, foreclosure.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania v. Stella I. Zavada et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Wayne R. McCabe et al, foreclosure.

Bank of America NA v. Kim E. Sigler et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Ronald A. Marino et al, foreclosure.

Morequity Inc. v. Frank Veltri et al, foreclosure.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Lucas R. Strohm et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Terrence D. Edington et al, foreclosure.

HSBC Bank USA NA v. Steven E. Reihard et al, foreclosure.

Nationstar Mortgage LLc v. Charles Williams et al, foreclosure.

JPMorgan Chase Bank Na v. Jerry E. Morrison et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Mary J. Pleiss et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Michelle R. Hennan et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Carl E. Boggs et al, foreclosure.

Trumbull County Treasurer v. Paul D. Vann et al, foreclosure.

Beneficial Financial I Inc. v. Darlene C. Vigorito et al, foreclosure.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC v. Russell L. Grimes et al, foreclosure.

PNC Bank NA v. Renee Milligan et al, foreclosure.

Christopher J. Brady v. Trumbull County Clerk of Courts, other civil.

Central Mutual Insurance Co. v. Lisa Johnston, other civil.

Alexis N. Harris v. American Family Insurance et al, other civil.

Ohio Edison Co. v. Norbert J. Ronyak, other civil.

Chips Concrete and Construction Inc. v. Dr. Joseph Fonagy, other civil.

Marie R. Urban v. Duck Creek Petroleum Ltd., other civil.

Bethany Golar v. St. Joseph Health Center et al, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Elizabeth Banta, other civil.

Jeffrey Gill et al v. Matthew P. Shelton, other civil.

Howard’s Clothes Inc. et al v. Selective Insurance Co. of South Carolina, other civil.

D&D Energy LLC v. Big Sky Energy Inc. et al, other civil.

Cach LLC v. Samantha Conner, other civil.

Main Street Acquisition Corp. v. Robert J. Smith, other civil.

Nicholas Financial Inc. v. Sheila Stubbs, other civil.

Jason Altobelli et al v. Tyler Dunlap et al, other civil.

Flex Strut Inc. v. Chico Electric Supply et al, other civil.

TD Bank USA NA v. Diane L. Shiley, other civil.

Comenity Bank v. Chad Thomas, other civil.

Ben Rudick and Son Inc. v. Elizabeth M. Hawley, other civil.

Sheri L. White Pollock v. Robert P. Rodgers, other civil.

Mary A. Dillard et al v. Sandra L. Sop, other civil.

Raymond T. Mann v. Cynthia A. Mann, other civil.

Simco Management Corp. et al v. Valente Blount, other torts.

Valerie Stewart v. Clay J. Chambers et al, other torts.

Loretta Riddile v. Kyle S. Stulgis et al, other torts.

Krista D. Chandler et al v. Robert Marzec et al, other torts.

Judith Burdette et al v. State Farm Mutual Casualty Insurance Co. et al, other torts.

Rebecca Richards et al v. Ashley Haas et al, other torts.

Theresa McCallen et al v. Brendan Burdette et al, other torts.

Thomas S. Karpinski v. West Customer Management Group LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Thomas S. Karpinski III v. West Customer Management Group LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Ohio BWC v. On The Record Inc., money. (2)

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Lori J. McCabe et al, money. (2)

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Fred McKee, money. (10)

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Larry McKnight, money.

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Michael E. Minich, money.

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Vernon B. Prince, money.

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Michael Soles, money.

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Donna R. Umbrazun, money.

Ohio Dept. of Taxation v. Melissa Werth et al, money.

PNC Bank NA v. Daniel Duvall, money.

SA Affordable Housing LLC v. Daniel M. Slane et al, money.

Midland Funding LLC v. Neil Clayton, money.

Midland Funding DE LLC v. Matthew Bernard, money.

Lauren M. Latimer v. Matthew Paldino, money.

First Resolution Investment Corp. v. Ashley N. Dillon, money.

Asset Acceptance LLC v. Victoria A. Ramsey, money.

Dissolutions Asked

Denise J. Cano and Freddy R. Cano.

Ary J. Coleman and Melanie R. Coleman.

Candace L. Baytos and Mark T. Baytos.

Stacy A. Stienstra and Dennis A. Stienstra.

Thomas J. Miletta and Renee M. Miletta.

Leila R. Long and Tyler J. Long.

Rebecca J. Kornmueller and Robert J. Kornmueller.

Divorces Asked

Chad Stevenson v. Tashanna Stevenson.

Danielle L. Barnes v. Kenneth R. Barnes.

Debra Halstead v. Christopher P. Halstead.

Keri Curtin v. David Curtin.

Cindi A. Young v. William R. Young Sr.

Despina R. Kalogeras v. Nicholas R. Burnett.

Susan M. Goist v. Thomas D. Goist.

Legal separation Asked

Monica Lewis v. Ernest Lewis Jr.

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