Beware of moles with evil intent

Beware of moles with evil intent

Moles come in different forms. Most are animals, like the two Boston bombers. Yes, I believe their family was trained to be moles.

The manner in which they brought their destruction to reality shows long hours of schooling. I believe Boston was a target long before 2013. Maybe it was even developed in another country. True Americans don’t teach mayhem and mutilation.

What to do with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? I say banishment. Deport this animal back to where he came from. Let him spend every day regretting that he can no longer have the comforts and pleasures provided by the best of the best, the U.S.A. That’s a death penalty every day forever.

Richie Rovnak, Struthers

Gun control not answer to violence

Recently we as a nation have experienced some tragedies, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombings. Gun control always comes up as the problem.

The gun is not the problem; it is the criminal element, the person who uses the gun to commit acts of violence and terrorism that is the problem.

Removing assault weapons and requiring stricter background checks is not the answer. The bad guys is not going to submit to a background check. Passing this type of legIstration will only put more money in the hands of illegal gun runners and black market sellers.

Law enforcement, the courts and society must become more aggressive in identifying, bringing to trial and imprisoning these people so they cannot hurt society again. We must proceed with all deliberate speed in this direction, so the citizens can feel safe and secure in their environment.

We the people enjoy a great many rights and privileges in this great nation; the Second Amendment is one of them and must never be compromised.

Jim Eidel, Beaver Township