Union students dig into paleontology


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Second-grade students Felicita Quinones (left) and Isabella Holcomb dug for bones in their dinosaur eggs at Union Elementary School April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Second-grader Nikolas McAleer showed his dinosaur egg and some of the bones he found in it at Union Elementary School April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Emily Beal (left) and Victoria Balestrino dug bones out of their "dinosaur eggs" April 22. They used the bones to create a model of a dinosaur.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Mrs. Watts (middle) helped her students find the dinosaur bones and use them to make a model dinosaur at Union Elementary School April 22.



Students in Mrs. Watts’ class at Union Elementary School received a lesson in paleontology April 22 with a dinosaur egg “dig.”

“Last year, my friend from Georgia sent these dinosaur egg dig kits to each of my students and they had so much fun doing them that this year we got them for the entire second grade,” said Watts.

“It takes a lot of patience to do these — you have to carefully dig out the bones and then use a picture to put it together. It gives them a taste of what a real paleontologist would have to do at a dig site.”

Prior to the dig, the classes spent two weeks reading stories and learning about the different duties of paleontologists. They learned about the fossils and how fossils are made and found over time.

After the dig, Watts’ classroom wrote about what they learned in the process of digging out the bones and putting them together.

“It’s such a great experience to watch, because it really is close to what a paleontologist might experience,” said Watts.

“Some students find the bones faster than others and that’s just like how paleontologists might be on a dig site for months without finding something, and then when they do find something, they might find many bones at once. It’s fun to watch students get excited and succeed and it’s great to watch them learning hands-on.”

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