Scouts should stand for morality

Scouts should stand for morality

This letter is in response to your April 29 articles concerning the Boy Scouts of America and homosexuals.

Since the new normal does not recognize the values spoken of by Tony Perkins, such as moral character, honor, and belief in the Creator (God), the demise of the Boy Scouts is assured.

The first article argues that the Boy Scouts should “defend long-held convictions,” the other contends that the Boy Scouts “should embrace all.” Does “embrace all” mean that the Boy Scouts must embrace any and all manner of deviant behavior? Is the precious right to hold convictions about morality another freedom being eroded by the god of diversity?

The writer who “embraces all” tries to make her case against the Boy Scouts by citing the bad publicity garnered through the uncovering of sexual abuse by certain leaders. Since these Scout Leaders were attracted to young boys, we can assume they were homosexuals. The real argument here is not about excluding certain individuals, but excluding certain behaviors.

We are constantly assured that the majority of homosexual men are not pedophiles. However, there is always the danger of a fatal attraction to a young boy and the possibility of sexual abuse.

The good thing about homosexual individuals’ declaring their sexual orientation is that it gives parents and the Boy Scouts of America the opportunity to make informed choices.

Sue Vitale, Youngstown

Not a fan of Jason Collins

In reference to the article in the sports on April 30 about Jason Collins, a reader would have thought the Lord himself had come down from heaven, all because Jason came out of the closet. So what!

Jason, I’m sorry you felt you had to carry this being gay on your heart for so long, but don’t tell me people didn’t already know. As a Christian, I can 100 percent assure you that God knew. He still loves you and so do I. I have prayed about this and have decided to come out of the closet too. “My name is Joan, I am a 74-year-old Mom. I am white and I am straight.”

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but, yes the truth will help set you free. But God will truly set you free. Believe in Him and read Matt. 19:26.

I am glad that Jason’s coming out of the closet made him feel better, as did my writing this letter.

Joan Farmer, Columbiana