Preschool celebrates Earth Day with sale


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Olivia Hively (left), Toby Sofran and Calvin Hively (right), students in Boardman United Methodist Preschool, sold items made from recycled materials at the Earth Day sale April 22.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.T-shirts from Brown Horse Garments were also for sale at the B.U.M.P. Earth Day sale April 22. Shown wearing their T-shirts are, from left, (front) Olivia Hively, Toby Sofran, Calvin Hively; (back) Brown Horse Garments co-owner Katie Hively and B.U.M.P. teacher Cara Pecchia.


Neighbors | Natalie Scott.Shown, from front, (left) are Olivia Hively, Toby Sofran and Calvin Hively; (back) B.U.M.P. teachers Jennifer Dankovich and Cara Pecchia at the B.U.M.P Earth Day sale April 22.


Pre-kindergarten preschool students at Boardman United Methodist Church Preschool (B.U.M.P.) participated in an Earth Day sale April 22.

The items for sale prior to classes included necklaces made from recycled Christmas trees, paper towel roll and vinyl rainmakers, and melted blue and green crayons made into planet paperweights. Profits made at the sale were donated to the YMDC charity.

“We teach our students about conservation and repurposing items,” said Cara Pecchia, one of the teachers who organized the sale. “We want them to realize that items are still useful after you use them, even if they are broken. We really want to emphasize stewardship of the earth and all its resources.”

The message of conservation has made an impact on many of the students at B.U.M.P.

“It’s important to donate to charities like YMDC because they do really cool things from recycled materials,” said Calvin Hively. “They make gardens, playgrounds and farms out of broken-down homes. It’s better to have fields than empty houses.”

Also for sale at the school were T-shirts by Brown Horse Garments, a mission company started by Katie Hively and Andra La Marca that donates all its profits to different charities. The shirts are all inspired by scripture and carry hopeful messages found from scripture.

To learn more about Brown Horse Garments, visit

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