Pa. university will allow guns on campus

Associated Press

An eastern Pennsylvania university has dropped its blanket prohibition on guns and will now allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry them onto campus under certain conditions, officials said Thursday.

Kutztown University’s new policy says that a gun owner with a “compelling reason” related to personal safety may bring a weapon onto campus with permission from the university police chief. Weapons still will be banned from campus buildings and athletic events.

Kutztown, one of 14 state-owned universities in Pennsylvania, made the change after lawyers concluded that an outright ban was legally unenforceable, according to Kenn Marshall, a spokesman for the State System of Higher Education.

The State System had encouraged Kutztown and the other state-owned universities to re-examine their weapons policies with an eye toward changing them if they included blanket prohibitions, he said.

“We are always looking at our policies to make sure they are appropriate,” Marshall said. “The legal advice that the university received was that an outright weapons ban, a complete weapons ban, would not withstand legal muster. ... Our properties are public properties, and there is just so far you can go” before running afoul of the Second Amendment.

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