Play uncovers ‘The Lies That Men Tell’

Staff report


With Mother’s Day almost here, AF Productions will attempt to answer the question “what happens when men lie?” in a new play this weekend at Powers Auditorium titled “The Lies that Men Tell.”

Ahkee Ferguson of AF Productions is the producer of the play. Ferguson said he wants to give audiences an insight into how men end up in tricky situations.

“The Lies” centers around six men who wish they could push back the hands of time.

Mike (played by Shannon Mitchell), Tom (DeMarcus Bennett), Dre (Kyle McDuffie), Eric (Ray Brown), Antwan (Byron Milbry Jr.) and Demarco (Keente Linsey) all end up in prison over issues that many men face today. The play also stars R&B singer Kenny Lattimore as Chris.

“The Lies” keys in on the things that happen behind the scenes that leave men in situations in which they have no choice but to lie.

Ferguson tackles an issue that many women and acquaintances ignore: Can you handle the truth? In a world that constantly puts men in cages, “The Lies” explains how situations form when men take matters into their own hands and omit God from their lives.

“I am focusing on the side of a man’s life that can help make their situation better,” said Ferguson. “My goal is to also show women that they should consider this solution as well. Many problems that we face as men is because we don’t want to submit to a higher power and just leave matters in God’s hands.”

Ferguson said his play yields to that one simple solution.

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